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Using NO Power: Maximum stroke with minimal force

Ketterer has produced the perfect answer to manufacturers subject to ergonomic workplace constraints with the "Quick crank-lifting system 3052"

(PresseBox) (Furtwangen, ) This smooth-operating lifting system features user-friendly control and reconfigures the unit from a seated to a standing workplace with just eight turns of the crank.

Ketterer leverages its quick crank-lifting system to provide an all-mechanical solution to the need for height-adjustable workplaces. The unit is easy to assemble and has a slimline profile – making it even easier to integrate. The system can be applied to all height-adjustable furniture, e.g. office, work or school tables, as well as work surfaces in canteen kitchens, for example. The maximum lift is 500 mm at the permissible loading limit of 40 kg for the table, meaning it meets the requirements of the new DIN EN 527-1 standard for sit/stand workplaces.

“Gearing, screw pitch and gas spring force all combine perfectly for a speed crank system which couldn’t be easier or more convenient. "The construction quality and the carefully selected materials are key to its exceptional durability, making it ideal for everyday use", explains CEO Odin Jäger. "Comparable systems function with spring assemblies or with a special counterweight. We eliminate the need for such equipment. The drive runs smoothly and in a self-locking manner, which means the lock engages, regardless of the load", adds Jäger on his product.

The quick crank-lifting system 3052 is produced in accordance with customer specifications: The length of the drive shafts is individually adjusted depending on the distance of the table legs, while deflection gears and braking units can be modified in accordance with the table design. In line with customer wishes, Ketterer can also configure the units with other spring forces.

The quick crank-lifting system eliminates the need for any power connection and cabling – it operates without electricity. Which means: The lifting and braking functions, which would otherwise be handled by a motor, must be delivered using purely mechanical components. This is achieved by using a spindle lift drive with gas spring support. The drive components are the bevel-gear train, spindle drive and separate braking unit, supported by two gas springs.

One advantage that comes with dispensing with an electromotive drive: The speed crank system is virtually noiseless. In classrooms or offices, for example, this is a particular plus.
The system incorporates a modular design – which facilitates mounting of the table at end customer locations. The drive shafts and deflection gears are only assembled in the final stages, which means the tables can be sent in optimally compact packages.

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