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Panduit® Announces Leading-Edge High-Density Fibre Cabling System for High-Performance Data Centres

Innovative HD Flex™ 2.0 solution allows data centre owners and operators to focus on Scalability, Serviceability, and Manageability for existing and future data centres

(PresseBox) (London, United Kingdom, ) - Panduit Corp., a leading global provider of data centre solutions, today announced the launch of its new HD Flex™ 2.0 Fiber Cabling System. Engineered to provide high fibre density and serviceability for high-performance data centres, HD Flex™ 2.0 will debut at Cisco Live 2016, July 10-14, in Las Vegas.

The latest addition to Panduit’s expansive line of fibre solutions, the HD Flex™ 2.0 Fibre Cabling System, has been designed for ease of integration with existing fibre infrastructure by accommodating fibre cassettes and fibre adapter panels (FAPs) with different port counts within the same innovative enclosure and panel. 6-port or 12-port cassettes and FAPs can be deployed in virtually any combination to achieve up to 144-fibers (LC) or 864-fibers (MPO) per rack unit.  This solution enables seamless port migration from 10G to 25/40/50/100G in the same RU space without replacing existing fibers and provides substantial savings.

“Today’s IT managers are increasingly tasked with providing higher data speeds while controlling costs by maximising return on assets”, said Marc Naese, Senior Vice President of Panduit’s Data Center Business Unit. “Panduit’s groundbreaking HD Flex™ Fibre Cabling System achieves both. It is designed for optimum serviceability and manageability, providing the scalability to increase density as business demands evolve.”

The HD Flex™ 2.0 Fibre Cabling System also provides a clear path for adopting Cisco Nexus* 9000 Series Switches and ACI* 40Gig and spine-leaf architecture with a reliable physical infrastructure. It offers the lowest installation and test costs through the utilization of 12-port cassettes, as fewer cassettes are required per RU of rack space.

Available for immediate delivery, Panduit’s HD Flex™ 2.0 easily integrates with current and future systems through a full line of fibre enclosures, patch panels, cable managers, and zero RU brackets, which allows end-users to deploy HD Flex™ cassettes and FAPs anywhere within the organisation.

Stephen Morris, Senior Product Manager, Panduit EMEA, DC Connectivity Solutions stated, “The first HD Flex™ solution has been widely specified and deployed as a global standard by many of our customers over the past two years. HD Flex 2.0™ provides DC managers with new options to provision for future higher bandwidth migration paths, logically replicate switch/server ports, scale the network, increase speed of deployment and maximise up-time.

PanMPO™, an intrinsic component of the HD Flex™ solution, has gained independent industry acclaim including ‘Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis’ and a ‘Lightwave’ Innovation Award’, demonstrating the solution’s future proof credentials.

This latest extension to HD Flex™ brings an optimal level of flexibility returning even greater value to our customers.”

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