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Cleaning the car's air conditioning is essential for allergy sufferers

(PresseBox) (Wolfratshausen, ) It's that time of year again, and the pollen count is on the up. For allergy sufferers this means only one thing: coughs, sneezes and streaming eyes. When they're out in the country, hay fever sufferers can't do much about the pollen in the air. But they can in the car. Cleaning the car's air conditioning with a system like airco well results in clean air in the car.

For allergy sufferers, dirty or insufficiently cleaned air conditioning can trigger allergic reactions even in winter. This is because every time you switch on the air conditioning, pollen and deposits trapped inside are blown into the air again and again. That's why for allergy sufferers, cleaning the car's air conditioning system is particularly important. It can be cleaned every year when the car is serviced at the local workshop. But most workshops simply change the pollen filter, and that is only half the story. Because dirt, bacteria and pollen also accumulate in the area immediately around the pollen filter and in the evaporator. According to the German manufacturer Tunap, the airco well cleaning system features a highpressure cleaning spray which frees the air conditioning system and the contaminated components from build-ups of pollen, dirt and micro organisms. airco well is quality-certified by the ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation). The product is exceptionally mild and fragrance-free, making it particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. One in four Europeans is thought to suffer from allergic reactions. Grass pollen allergies are by far the most common. These allergies usually develop during childhood, which means that cleaning the car's air conditioning deep down with airco well makes sense for the kids in the back too.

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