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trans-o-flex extends its new pharmaceutical network

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- Constantly increasing demand: after the start in October 2014, trans-o-flex expands the capacity of its ambient network for actively temperaturecontrolled transportation
- Six-hub solution shortens collection routes and offers customers later collection times
- Temperature documentation is integrated into a new customer platform: temperature curves for every consignment can be viewed online at any time

As planned, trans-o-flex Schnell-Lieferdienst extended its pharmaceutical network, which had started its operations in October 2014. From this week on, instead of using a central hub, the actively temperature-controlled shipments can now be fed into the ambient network through a total of six hubs situated all over Germany, thus leading to a further expansion of the network's capacity. "This also leads to shorter travel times from the sender to the nearest feed point, which makes it possible for us to offer many of our customers clearly later collection times", says Christian Knoblich, Managing Director Pharmaceuticals of the trans-o-flex Logistics Group. The trans-o-flex ambient network specialises in the actively-temperature controlled transportation of pharmaceuticals in compliance with the EU rules for the transportation of pharmaceuticals (EU-GDP) in a temperature range of between 15 and 25 °C. The transportation of shipments at temperatures of between 2 and 8 °C Grad is taken over by the Group's trans-o-flex ThermoMed network.

The extension of trans-o-flex ambient was made possible by providing five additional hubs with a complete set of climate control units as well as control and temperature documentation systems. In addition to this, electrical connections were installed at the loading bays in order to facilitate an environmentally friendly and economical presetting of the temperature in the vehicles using an external power supply system. Compliance with the temperature range is documented over the entire transportation process and can also be viewed by the customer in a separate temperature curve for every shipment. The fully climate-controlled hubs are situated near Kassel, Hanover, Jena, Cologne, Weinheim and Nuremberg. All of the other trans-o-flex hubs are provided with climate-controlled closed areas, in which, for example, return shipments can be stored temporarily. Currently, the fleet of special vehicles for the trans-o-flex ambient network consists of approximately 150 actively temperature-controlled semi-trailers for the regular traffic, 60 fully climate-controlled lorries for the collection and delivery of large-volume shipments and pallets as well as 1,500 delivery vehicles with thermos boxes.

Online temperature documentation at consignment level

"Since the start of our network, the demand for ambient transportation has continuously increased", explains Christian Knoblich. "Our goal was and is to ensure 100-% compliance with the GDP rules in order to offer our customer maximum safety. So far, we have achieved this and will also do so in the future." Currently, the focus is on further improvements, which, for example, will make it even easier for the company's customers to receive data about the temperature curve of every shipment. "At present, we are working on the integration of the temperature documentation into a new customer platform so that, at any time, all customers can view their temperature documentation at consignment level online."

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The success of the Europe-wide operating trans-o-flex Logistic Group is based on three pillars, the services of which can be perfectly combined with each other: 1. trans-o-flex Schnell-Lieferdienst offers a full-coverage network for the efficient and safe transportation of parcels and pallets (combi-freight) all over Germany. This also includes numerous additional services, such as the transportation of hazardous goods without being limited to small quantities. At the same time trans-o-flex, in its capacity as shareholder and partner of the Eurodis network, provides full-coverage combi-freight services in 34 European countries. The company has developed a large number of tailor-made solutions for specific sectors, e.g. for the pharmaceutical and home entertainment / consumer goods industries. 2. With a special network for active temperature control in the temperature ranges of between 2 and 8 °C as well as 15 and 25 °C, trans-o-flex ThermoMed takes over the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to this, ThermoMed, with its EUROTEMP network, also provides actively temperature-controlled transportation services in 15 countries in Europe. 3. Comprehensive logistic services from storage and picking/packing to value-added services, such as the set-up service for sales displays or electrical appliances, up to customer-specific transport networks are developed and implemented under the umbrella of trans-o-flex Logistik Service. In 2013, annual sales of the Group, which has a workforce of approximately 1,800 employees, amounted to ca. € 505 million. Since June 2008, trans-o-flex has been a 100-% subsidiary of Österreichische Post. For more information, go to