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The NAS with Extra Functionality

ICY BOX IB-NAS3221: new NAS with RAID and web server

(PresseBox) (Ahrensburg, ) Which features of a NAS with two bays for 3.5" SATA HDDs and a price tag of 165 Euro* should be taken as granted? And which should be considered included extras?
The new ICY BOX IB-NAS3221 offers a lot of extras. Number one, there is the display of the IP address and other important data, number two, the Easy Swap® mechanism and, number three, the web server.

The Display
Displaying the IP address pays off every time you open the web browser, i. e. to set the configuration of the NAS particularly if there is no fixed IP address for the NAS. Furthermore the remaining capacity of the HDDs is displayed as well as the temperature in the case and the fan speed, operating time and time.

Easy Swap®
To change an HDD just move the slide, the door will open and the HDD will come out. Put in another HDD, close the door. Ready. You don't need a screwdriver.

Web server on your desk
If you run your own website or blog and you don't want to commit your data to the server of a provider, you will embrace the built-in web server of the ICY BOX IB-NAS3221. This extra is accompanied by some smaller extras like software for blogs and photo albums.

Now the basics
Gigabit Ethernet, USB, aluminium case and a temperature controlled fan, RAID 0, 1, NRAID and JBOD - for us these are basics. Too many? Samba and NFS servers are essential to operate in a network. The FTP server for remote access is definitely eligible in these times with mobile devices for Internet access. And the DHCP server of the NAS3221 gets into action if there is no router with such a server available in the network. One-touch backup should be essential and with the ICY BOX IB-NAS3221 it is.

The printer server certainly belongs to the upscale basics if not to the extras. Just as the UPnP AV multi-media server, which comes as a 30 days test version of the Twonky® Media, as well as Bonjour and iTunes® support. In this price class you usually can't bargain for a the BitTorrent® client. While downloading with the computer switched off and consuming zero power you can save the purchase price of the ICY BOX IB-NAS3221 within a few months.

The new ICY BOX IB-NAS3221 sets a benchmark in the category "NAS for money".

*recommended retail price incl. VAT: Euro 165.00

Key features
• For home and office networks
• LCD for basic information like IP address, temperature and free disk space
• Number of users and groups not limited
• Easy configuration via web browser
• Supports two 3.5" SATA HDDs up to 1.5 TB
• Gigabit Ethernet – network
• 1x USB client interface for printers, HDDs, USB-Sticks
• One Touch Backup
• EasySwap®
• BitTorrent® Client
• Kensington Lock
• RAID 0, 1, Span (NRAID), JBOD
• 8 Servers in one
- Samba server (for Windows network shares, Mac OS X)
- NFS Server (for Unix, Linux)
- FTP Server (remote access via Internet)
- DHCP (automatic network configuration)
- UPnP-AV (Twonky Media, multimedia server, 30 days test version)
- Print server (share Printer via Network)
- Bonjour and iTunes® Support
- Webserver with software for PHP blog and web album
• Quiet case – temperature controlled fan
• Low power consumption

Technical data
Color Black
HDD 2x 3.5" SATA
Interfaces Gigabit Ethernet, 1x USB 2.0
RAID 0, 1, JBOD, Span (NRAID)
Network protocol Samba, FTP, NFS, DHCP,
UPnP-AV (30 days trial),
iTunes® Support
File Systems EXT2, EXT3, FAT32
Processor ARM 9, 400 MHz
Flash Memory 8 MB
Power Supply AC 100~240 V, 57W
12 V / 3 A, 5 V / 4.2 A