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Docu seam system with POWERLINE post-bed machine head

PFAFF 3791

(PresseBox) (Kaiserslautern, ) Docu seam systems are quality assurance systems designed for use on safety relevant seams, mainly in the automotive/airbag section. The suppliers of this sewing solution almost exclusively use flatbed sewing heads. The new PFAFF 3791 combines for the first time the docu-seam technology with the advantages of a post-bed machine (Better handling of tube-like resp. three-dimensional items) in one machine. One particular area of application is for example sewing the impact absorbers of the steering wheel. The PFAFF 3791 monitor and guarantee perfect execution of the nominal breakage point on the reference seam from where the side airbag unfolds in the event of a serious incident. The seam must meet precisely stipulated parameters: on one hand it should not be too resistant as this will prevent the side airbag from expanding and unfolding; on the other hand the seam must have a minimum strength so that it does not tear open unexpected during normal use.


- Docu seam system with needle feed and differentiable wheel feed and roller presser
- Automatical thread-tension device and real-time monitoring of thread force (stitch by stitch)
- Skip stitch recognition inside and outside of documented seams
- Electronic thread tension adjustment
- Operation of all functions with touch-screen
- Free label design
- Programmable stitch length and thread tension (in each seam sector)
- Scanner for thread and label control
- Option: Thread force calibration
- Option: motor-driven edge cutter

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