Texparts® Spinning Rings and Travellers - Running performance at it's best

Fellbach, (PresseBox) - Oerlikon Textile Components is successful offering our customers the Texparts® Spinning Rings and Travellers, the perfect combination for optimum spinning results. These spinning rings and travellers is closing the gap between drafting system and spindle in the product range of Oerlikon Textile Components.

The Ideal Combination of Rings and Travellers

Rings and travellers are the dominant elements in the ring spinning process. The key to success is the reduction of the friction coefficient to the lowest possible level. At this point you will get the perfect balanced spinning geometry, i.e. the spinning tension is on a constant balanced level. The reduction of friction will be achieved if the rings and travellers establish a symbiosis.

The aspired ideal friction stands for higher traveller speed, lower working temperature, extended ring and traveller life time, avoidance of yarn tension peaks, better yarn quality (reduction of hairiness) and reduction of end breaks. Furthermore the ideal friction strikes the balance between traveller drive angle to ring, traveller weight, traveller and ring geometry, as well as traveller and ring coating.

When using Texparts® Rings and Travellers together the perfect combination of the ideal ring and traveller has already been defined and the hub from traveller to ring is at an ideal angle. The symbiosis of Texparts® Rings and Travellers ensures a wide traveller driving angle for an increased traveller speed, less stress peaks, a reduction of end breaks and higher yarn quality due to the reduced hairiness. These advantages are the direct effect of the perfect combination of Texparts® Rings and Travellers.

Traveller Benefits

The smart traveller design with different Texparts® Traveller Coatings guarantees an optimized balance between traveller speed, life time and yarn quality. Texparts® Travellers are universally suitable and therefore no timeconsuming and complex management of different traveller types is necessary which leads to a reduction of spare parts on stock. Moreover, time is saved on every lot of traveller changes.

The Texparts® Travellers Sprint and Marathon match perfectly with the Texparts® Rings and are designed for highspeed spinning.

Ring Benefits

The Texparts® Ring Coating guarantees a longer serviceable life for ring and traveller as well as a consistent smooth running behaviour. The highest contour accuracy leads to no variations in ring sizes. Perfect roundness means no vibration during spinning. The new ring design ensures high speed spinning for all fibre materials and yarn types. Texparts® Rings are suitable for vast yarn count ranges. They are used for all standard applications and for the compact spinning process. Texparts® Rings are specially designed for a large speed range and convince by their universal suitability, excellent startup characteristics, a long service life and low traveller abrasion.

Texparts® Ring Coating

The Texparts® Ring Coating makes the Texparts® Ring so unique. The ring and traveller system in the short staple spinning process operates "dry". Fiber debris from the yarn along with natural fiber waxes like cotton pectin or spinning oil from man made fibers accumulate on the traveller/ring system. The degree and the quality of accumulation depends partly on the ring coating as well as the traveller shape and coating. The Texparts® Ring Coating Mach 1 includes the deposit function which supports the lubrication effect as well as the orange skin function to reduce the friction.

The orange skin function reduces the contact area between ring and traveller. This ensures less friction and thus an extended serviceable life.

Newest polishing technology allows the manufacturing of a defined ring surface (orange skin) which makes a runningin of the spinning rings dispensable. The microfine surface structure shows identical friction characteristics at all spinning positions of a ringspinning machine and therefore the same yarn quality can be produced on all spindles. This kind of surface ensures a quick buildup of the fibre lubrication film as well as a goods adhesion on the ring surface, even in unfavourable lubrication situations, e.g. compact yarn or core yarn.

The main goal in the development of the Texparts® Ring Coating was to extend the ring lifetime.

Texparts® Traveller Coating

Compared to conventional travellers the Texparts® Traveller Coating enables reduced runningin time. During the runningin phase of the traveller the system will be lubricated by the fibre. If the runningin time will be followed strictly the new travellers will stand out due to extended ring and traveller life time, increasing and stable yarn quality as well as end breaks at standard level. The Texparts® Traveller Coating enables a reduced runningin time compared to standard travellers.

There are two traveller types available for different speeds:

The Texparts® Traveller Coating Sprint stands for an advanced coating on a polished traveller. It is a nickelplated traveller for all standard applications. The main features are an excellent service lifetime, a smooth yarn path and good heat dissipation.

The Texparts® Traveller Coating Marathon is the special high speed coating on a polished traveller. It has a chemical deposit plating for compact yarn and for all applications in which longer lifetime is required. It offers the optimum quality for a higher performance.

Texparts® Travellers are suitable for all kind of fibre material.

OC Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon

Oerlikon (SIX: OERL) is a leading hightech industrial group specializing in machine and plant engineering. The company is a provider of innovative industrial solutions and cuttingedge technologies for textile manufacturing, thinfilm coating, drive, vacuum, solar energy systems and advanced nanotechnology. A Swiss company with a tradition going back 150 years, Oerlikon is a global player with around 16,000 employees at 157 locations in 36 countries and sales of CHF 2.9 billion in 2009. The Company invests more than CHF 200 million annually in R&D, with over 1 200 specialists working on future products and services. The operative businesses rank either first or second in their respective global markets.

About Oerlikon Textile Components

Oerlikon Textile Components with its well established product lines Accotex, Daytex, Fibrevision, Heberlein, Temco and Texparts is one of the worlds leading suppliers of quality determining components for all filament and staple fiber spinning applications. Highest quality and reliability are the common characteristics of all products. Continuous development ensures that Oerlikon Textile Components will always strengthen its leading position as the component supplier of choice to the textile industry. Oerlikon Textile Components with manufacturing facilities and sales offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia is headquartered in Switzerland. A global network of experienced representatives ensures prompt service and close contact with our customers in spinning mills as well as with the leading machine manufacturers.

For further information visit: www.components.oerlikontextile.com

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