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Fastest Make-Ready and complete 100% inspection for flexographic plastic printing

Clopay Plastic Products Co. upgrades its flexographic presses with ISRA technology, committing resources to install further systems

(PresseBox) (Karlsruhe/Darmstadt/Sulzbach, ) Clopay Plastic Products Co., an industry leading supplier of films and laminates to the Hygiene market, upgrades its inspection capacities with ISRA technology. An ISRA customer for more than ten years, Clopay Plastics now decided to install ISRA’s solution for fast high value printing in order to assure the quality of its products. Beyond that, the company plans to implement the market proven inspection system, PrintSTAR at all of their flexographic presses.

Clopay Plastics Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation, maintains a strong business relationship with ISRA, comprising of a long history of successful joint projects. The company has now started to use the renowned PrintSTAR system to control the quality of their final products and has also ordered several additional systems, including combinations of PrintSTAR and ViewSTAR, ISRA’s high resolution web viewing system.

ViewSTAR replaces previously installed web viewing system

Shortening the commonly lengthy make-ready means an important step towards obtaining the highest efficiency for printing lines. Setting up the printing correctly on the first try reduces the consumption of resources and saves time, thus resulting in a doubled increase of yield. Clopay Plastics achieves this by relying on ISRA’s web viewing system ViewSTAR: Equipped with high-resolution cameras and fast-flashing LED lighting, ViewSTAR allows accurate representation of the printed image, even at high web speeds. Its camera and lighting components are designed to be highly robust with minimal maintenance requirements. After installation, the web viewing system delivers distortion-free, accurate reproduction is consistently available for all subsequent print jobs. Clopay is now equipping their production lines with ViewSTAR and has decided to replace their previously installed web-viewing system with ISRA’s solution.

Clopay commits further resources for reliable inline inspection with PrintSTAR, ColorSTAR and NarrowSTAR

Clopay Plastics also plans to ensure their consistently high printing quality by investing in more ISRA systems like PrintSTAR, NarrowSTAR and ViewSTAR. With PrintSTAR, Clopay will benefit from ISRA’s most renowned and market proven inspection system. Its adaptability serves even the highest demands: using so called “assistants” for even the most challenging printing defects (e.g. „Advanced Streak Detection“ or „Advanced Hazing Detection“), the system supports defect detection throughout the entire line. Together with the ViewSTAR, the combination becomes a key tool to generate added value, securing the best quality and a fast return on investment. Furthermore, Clopay approved the spectral photometer ColorSTAR for installment. It supplies the cameras in the PrintSTAR system with precise color information, enabling uninterrupted color checking regardless of the web speed or the number of points to be checked.

With the integrated combination of ViewSTAR, ColorSTAR and PrintSTAR or NarrowSTAR for smaller band widths respectively and the superordinate software architecture EPROMI, ISRA offers continuous, fully-automated monitoring of the entire printing workflow. Thanks to this comprehensive and constantly expanding portfolio, the company remains a trusted partner for Clopay Plastics. Clopay has already confirmed interest in the further development of ISRA’s products with their future oriented and highly adaptable features.

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