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Identity Management Software vom Feinsten

Langzeittest auf einem der groessten US Airports

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Berlin, 19. August 2004
Cheltenham, August 19th, 2004


IdentAlink is proud to announce the latest release of - what is believed the best "Identity Management Software" on the market - the BioPassport Enterprise Server.

The BioPassport Enterprise Server is distributed as a full intregration into the MS Active Directory Schemata as well as a Java (J2EE) version to be fully OS platform independent.
It incorporates the well known features of three biometric technologies - Finger, Face and Iris recognition! Further biometric technologies will be integrated on customers requirements.

Fully compatible with existing applications/systems using passwords, PINs, TANs, smartcards as well as 2Dbarcodes, the BioPassport Enterprise Server guarantees a seamless integration into the existing network/intranet/internet structure of medium and large sized enterprises.


IdentAlink's Identity Management Solution has recently be choosen to secure sensitive data on an international airport webportal to include physical access control.

BioPassport Enterprise Server is Fingerprint Sensor independent and tested with 23 Fingerprint Sensors of recommended suppliers.

IdentAlink is worldwide the only supplier to integrate fully networkable Identity Management Solutions for PDA's and DSP's of ie. Texas Instrument, Analog, Hyperstone, ARM9, ARM7, StrongARM and others.

BioPassport Enterprise Server offers a unique licensing model - all features for logical and physical access control in one package, but you pay as you use. This enables enterprises to start with the replacement of passwords in their network environment, if needed extend to secure internet applications and webportal, if applicable replacement of smartcard based Time & Attendance systems with biometrics and last but not least to secure physical access to their premises.
No extra administration, as all solutions are secured with the same biometric template!

"We are confident that this Release will bring the break through of our Identity Management Software worldwide, we have spent considerable time with customers to build a package to fit the space," says Elmar Hilgers, Managing Director of IdentAlink Limited."there are some very extensive trials in banks, on airports and with some governmental institutions underway, which will confirm the convenience and cost effectiveness of our BioPassport Enterprise Server Family of Products."

About IdentAlink

IdentAlink has developed the Identity Management Software, BioPassport™ Enterprise Server.

This software provides high-level, networkable personal verification for a wide variety of major applications including comprehensive network security, communication and data encryption and both physical and logical (IT) access control systems. BioPassport™ Enterprise Server, with its various modules, incorporates multi-layered biometrics, including IdentAlink’s proprietary finger recognition algorithms and high level encryption, combined with PKI and digital signature to provide a convenient identity management structure for small to large scale organisations. Uniquely, it is hardware and operating system independent and can integrate into existing IT structures without the need to modify the infrastructure.

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IdentAlink GmbH

IdentAlink Ltd. Founded in 1998, the company initially provided solutions to the UK healthcare industry for staff security and drug control problems. Using Iris, facial and fingerprint recognition technology, IdentAlink Ltd now offers cost-effective, secure and reliable authentication in a variety of global applications. IdentAlink's commitment to research, development and testing ensures that all biometric solutions are constantly improved and enhanced. To find out more, you may visit: You can contact Elmar Hilgers at IdentAlink Ltd., Rudower Chaussee 29, 12489, Berlin, Germany. Tel: +49 (0)30 63926970. Fax +49 (0)30 63926971. His e-mail is: