New GearEngineer Version Including Modifications for Cylindrical Gears and Tooth Contact Analysis

A new version of gear software for Free-Form-Milling comes with a variety of new features and functions including profile and flank modifications as well as the tooth contact analysis (TCA).

Braunschweig, (PresseBox) - GWJ Technology GmbH, headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany, introduces a new version of its GearEngineer software. The version comes with a variety of new features and functions including profile and flank modifications as well as the tooth contact analysis (TCA). Additionally, the user can calculate the load capacity of bevel gears according to ISO 10300.
The GearEngineer is a powerful software application for the calculation of the accurate 3-D gear tooth form of cylindrical and bevel gears based on the mathematical simulation of the manufacturing process. The accurate gear tooth form is the basis for manufacturing gears, in conjunction with multi-axis machining centers or non-cutting manufacturing processes. The standard exchange formats STEP and IGES serve as a neutral file format to transfer the accurate tooth geometry. The geometry data can be used for further developmental purposes, for example for a universal manufacturing or used as 3-D nominal data for additional measurements.
Profile and flank modifications were now added to the GearEngineer calculation module for cylindrical gears. A listbox allows the user to select linear and circular tip or root relief as well as symmetric profile crowning. In addition to the profile modifications, the gear flank modifications lead crowning and profile crowning are available. The user can decide between symmetric and asymmetric lead crowning. End relief can be applied to both tooth ends or to the left or right end of the tooth. Additionally, the GearEngineer now includes a tooth contact
analysis (TCA) to calculate and visualize the contact pattern of gears. After completion of the gear calculation, the tooth contact
analysis allows the calculation of the size and position of the contact pattern without load. The contact pattern is visually displayed in the 3-D model. The analysis is possible for external and internal spur and helical gears and helical, straight and Zyklo-Palloid® spiral bevel gears. The engineer can optimize spur and bevel gears before the manufacturing begins. Deviations and displacements from the ideal position are taken into account. The new GearEngineer version opens the possibility to determine the load capacity of straight, helical and spiral bevel gears according to ISO 10300. For more information, please contact GWJ by phone: +49 (0) 531 129 399-0 or email: as well as

GWJ Technology GmbH

The main focus of GWJ Technology is to develop standard calculation software for mechanical engineering as well as individual calculation and configuration tools that include CAD data. Thus, technical sales processes can be optimized.

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