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Clearstream's activity figures for July 2008

International bond business continues to grow

(PresseBox) (Frankfurt am Main, ) In July 2008, the value of assets under custody on behalf of customers registered a 1 percent rise at € 10.8 trillion (compared to € 10.6 trillion from July 2007). Securities held under custody in Clearstream's international business experienced a rise of 6 percent from € 4.8 to € 5.2 trillion and domestic German securities held under custody decreased by 2 percent from € 5.7X trillion to € 5.6 trillion.

International settlement transactions declined to 2.44 million, 13 percent less than in July 2007 (2.82 million). Despite continued growth of international

Over the Counter bond transactions which rose by 25 percent from 0.99 million to 1.23 million in July 2008, retail driven international stock exchange transactions registered a decline due to current market conditions. Of all international transactions, 75 percent were Over the Counter (OTC) transactions and 25 percent were registered as stock exchange transactions.

On the German domestic market, settlement transactions reached 7.11 million, 9 percent less than in July 2007 (7.83 million), also a result of reduced retail activity. Of these transactions, 66 percent were stock exchange transactions and 34 percent OTC transactions.

For Global Securities Financing (GSF) services, the monthly average outstandings reached € 388 billion. The combined services, which include triparty repo, securities lending and collateral management, collectively experienced a rise of 18 percent over July 2007 (€ 329.6 billion).

In the Investment Funds services, 418,176 transactions were processed, a 23 percent decrease over July 2007 (541,631).