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febit synbio successfully completes synthetic genes pilot project

febit’s Geniom technology enables production of synthetic genes based on microarray chip technology

(PresseBox) (Heidelberg, ) Implementing an exceptionally efficacious and cost-effective production technology, febit synbio gmbh is at the verge of entering the synthetic genes market. Geniom, febit´s microarray synthesis and analysis platform which has been successfully established for several years also enables efficient synthesis of high-quality oligonucleotides, the customized building blocks of synthetic genes.

For the first time, febit synbio leverages the innovative advantages of the microfluidic Geniom Biochip for the production of synthetic genes. Since febit provides both device and technique, the design of the synthesizer itself and the process of gene synthesis are seamlessly integrated. Being the leading provider of microfluidic DNA technology, febit has been holding a broad spectrum of US and EU patents since 1999 exclusively allowing febit to exploit biochip technology for the production of synthetic genes.

In cooperation with a large internationally recognized biotechnology company, febit evaluated the market maturity of its synthetic biology technology. The pilot order included 9 synthetic DNA constructs of various lengths and difficulties. The company declared its intention to continue the cooperation.

Peer Stähler, CEO and scientific director of febit synbio gmbh, regards this cooperation as an important step towards the launch of the new product range: „During this joint effort, we greatly expanded our experience, optimizing critical stages in the production process. After successful completion of this challenging initial phase, we are optimistic about evolving our partnership into a long-term customer relationship.“ Other potential customers have shown their interest in the new technology as well.

febit synbio anticipates marketing its synthetic gene service in fall 2007. During the next months, the company will build up commercial scale production capacities and establish the required sales network.

The Geniom DNA synthesis technology enables biochip-based synthesis of any desired DNA sequence. The resultant oligonucleotides may serve as building blocks for the assembly of synthetic genes and gene clusters or even fully synthetic genomes – providing customized biopart kits for a vast range of applications in synthetic and constructive biology.