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NightSHADE - the dedicated in vivo plant imager

(PresseBox) (Bad Wildbad, ) Based on the experiences with the successful NightOWL in vivo imager BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES has developed the new NightSHADE imaging system with plant research in mind.

For applications such as monitoring gene expression and circadian rhythm with reporter genes e.g. GFP or luciferase, observation of plant growth, examination of stress tolerance, measuring of delayed fluorescence, biophoton imaging and drug screening the NightSHADE offers unique features for plant research.

- Deep cooled slow scan CCD camera with high sensitivity
- LED-based plant illumination with daylight simulation
- Top and side-view imaging
- x-y table and rotating table for 360° viewing
- Condensation removal
- Imaging of up to 9 plates at once

NightSHADE is equipped with a highly sensitive 1 Mpixel slow scan CCD camera cooled to an absolute temperature of -70 °C. This insures lowest background and highest sensitivity even when very long exposure times are required.

Various accessories like filters, transilluminators or the mobile workstation are available. With the certified testplate you can check easily the performance.

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