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5000 pictures for each recharge

(PresseBox) (Assamstadt, ) ANSMANN Battery Grip N-80 pro and N-40 for Nikon D 80 and D 40 / D 40 X ANSMANN ENERGY supply even more power for your digital camera! After the huge success of the Powergrip C-400 for the Canon digital cameras EOS 350 D and EOS 400 D, ANSMANN now offers two new battery grips for Nikon users.

Designed for the digital cameras Nikon D 80 and Nikon D 40/D 40 X Ansmann now offer the new Battery Grips N-80 pro and N-40 power that gives; "power nearly without end" for Nikon fans.

The Battery Grip N-80 pro is the ideal power partner for the Nikon D 80. Up to 5000 shots with one charge (battery capacity approx. 3600mAh) is now possible! The handling of the camera is improved, in particular for users with large hands and for portrait style photography the handle is equipped with an additional shutter release, function wheels and memory key. It is deal for globetrotters as a car DC input plug is also supplied (along with the AC mains adaptor) to charge the pack whilst on the move.

The Battery Grip N-40 is perfectly adapted to the housing of the Nikon D 40/D 40 X. With the integrated, extremely light Li-Polymer rechargeable pack (battery capacity approx. 2200mAh) it is possible to take up to 2000 pictures between charges. Designed for the volume user groups that need the most attractive price the Battery Grip N-40 will be delivered without the portrait format shutter release and the car DC charging cable.

Both Battery Grips can be used with the power supply also as a direct current supply for the cameras. Both grips are available end of April 2007.


ANSMANN ENERGY GMBH in Assamstadt (Germany)

Die ANSMANN ENERGY GMBH, gegründet 1991 von Edgar Ansmann, ist heute ein wichtiger „Global Player“ in Sachen mobiler Energie. Das mittelständische Unternehmen mit Sitz in Assamstadt in Baden-Württemberg beschäftigt weltweit über 200 Mitarbeiter. Motivierte Spezialisten, die sich um Lade- und Akkutechnik, um Mobiles Licht und um passendes Zubehör kümmern. Sachverstand und immer auch eine gute Portion „Herzblut“ für das Produkt sorgen dafür, dass ANSMANN Produkte bei Vergleichstests regelmäßig unter den Besten sind.

Das weltweit agierende Unternehmen hat sechs Tochterfirmen in Europa und Asien. In der eigenen Forschungs- und Entwicklungsabteilung werden ständig neue Produkte für einen sich schnell wandelnden Markt entwickelt.