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YOC meets growth forecasts - 175 % increase in EBITDA in FY 2010

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) In FY 2010 the YOC Group consistently conducted its business operations with a strategic focus on mobile technology and mobile media, both of which have a significant scaling potential. YOC is ideally positioned to meet the requirements of the market. The key element of this approach is the continuous development of innovative, standardised products.

In the financial year 2010, there were two trends which will continue in the current financial year. On the one hand there is a shift in mobile offers from native applications to browser-based products and on the other hand there is a continuous change in advertising budgets moving from traditional channels and online towards mobile. The reason for this is the increasing diversity of mobile internet-compatible handsets and further fragmentation of the app stores. Mobile ads are becoming more attractive for advertising budgets than online-based ads due to unique targeting options, locations-based services, new mobile handsets and innovative, interactive multi-media advertising formats.

Anticipating this trend, YOC reinforced its strategic focus on the mobile technology and mobile media business in the past financial year. This led to the development of not only one but two innovative products which are unique in the world: the mobile media product YOC Ad Plus and the browser-based mobile technology product YOC Smart Web App.

In quantitative terms, YOC met its growth forecasts. Its turnover is estimated to have increased by 17% to EUR 30.5 million (2009: EUR 26.1 million) in line with forecasts. EBITDA is estimated to amount to EUR 2.8 million (2009: EUR 1.0 million), which is an increase by about 175% on a year-to-year basis. This clearly has had a significant impact on YOC's profitability. This trend is accompanied by a very positive development of YOC's international business operations in the financial year 2010. The share of international revenues in total sales revenue increased from 19% last year to 27%.

'The development of innovative, standardised products based on our leading technology platform is the key element of our growth strategy for the coming years. In 2010 our platform and products attracted more new customers than ever before,' said YOC CEO Dirk Kraus.


YOC has focused on the mobile technology and mobile media business with the vision to become the world's leading provider in that area. Its platforms and products precisely meet current market requirements, laying the foundation for further growth.

YOC'S strategic focus on targeted investment in product development and international sales in the current financial year will enable the Group to reap optimum benefits from future market potential. As a result, YOC expects accelerated turnover growth for the financial year 2011 of around 20-25%.


The YOC Group is one of the leading providers of mobile technology and mobile media in the world. Based on its self-developed scalable technologies, the YOC Group licenses its software products to customers from all industries and enables them to use its platforms. The YOC Group operates more than 800 mobile portals in Europe via a protected mobilisation platform. With a portfolio of more than 220 titles, the YOC Group has the largest premium mobile advertising network in Europe. Every day, the centrally controlled AdServer processes more than 100 million requests for mobile advertising tools by means of this premium network and the blind advertising network ubiyoo. In the financial year 2010, YOC's sales revenue is estimated to amount to EUR 30.5 million. The YOC Group currently has a headcount of about 220. The company operates across the world and intends to continue to grow internationally.