WITTMANN BATTENFELD with lots of power at the Plast in Milan

WITTMANN BATTENFELD at the Plast 2012 in Milan

Kottingbrunn, (PresseBox) - From 8 to 12 May, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will be presenting to interested trade visitors latest injection molding technology, automation and peripheral equipment at the Plast in Milan, hall 22, booth B45 C46.

Italy has been an important market for the WITTMANN group for many years, not only for injection molding machinery, but also where the demand for modern automation systems and peripheral equipment is concerned. The Plast 2012 is a major platform for the group to present its innovative machinery, equipment and processes to interested trade visitors.

In the area of injection molding technology, the focus at this year's PIast is on machines from the PowerSeries. The highlight of the fair is the new MacroPower 500. It represents an extension of the company's large machine series down to a lower clamping force range. The compact machine series is now available with clamping forces ranging from 500 to 1,100 t.

On the new MacroPower 500/3400, stoplights for a Lancia car model will be manufactured from PMMA in a 2-cavity mold supplied by OLsa Spa, Italy. A WITTMANN W823 robot will be used to remove the parts and deposit them on a conveyor belt.

In addition, two machines from the EcoPower series will be on display at the Plast. On an EcoPower 55/130, the all-electric EcoPower's special suitability for medical technology will be demonstrated by the production of a protector in a 20-cavity mold from Schöttli, Switzerland. To enable production under clean-room conditions, the machine is equipped with a laminar flow module, which will be supplied by Petek, Germany, above the moving mold half.

On a second machine from the EcoPower series, an EcoPower 180/750, the production of a surface panel will be shown, using a variothermic process together with BFMOLDTM. In this technology, the entire space below the cavity is used for heating and cooling. This enables extremely even and, above all, quick cooling of the mold area. Therefore this technology is of interest not only in order to reduce cycle times, but also to prevent warpage and to reduce tension. Moreover, sink marks and joint lines can be prevented with the help of BFMOLD(TM) technology, above all on components with a visible surface or parts with a high-gloss surface.

The finished parts will be removed and deposited by a robot from the W821 series with a single vertical axis and 10 kg load capacity.

Besides the machines from the PowerSeries, a hydraulic 3-color machine will be on display at the WITTMANN BATTENFELD booth. It is an HM 65/210H/210V/210S, which will produce parts for play figures. The machines from the HM series stand out primarily by their modular diversity, ultimate precision and extensive range of options for virtually any application. These machines also feature a very small footprint thanks to their extremely short, very rigid 3-platen design.

As a complementary exhibit, the MicroPower will be shown at the booth of the University of Padua, hall 22, booth D55. This machine from the PowerSeries is specially designed for high-precision injection molding of nano and micro parts. The functionality of the machine will be demonstrated by the production of a medical clamp from POM with a part weight of 0.003 g within a cycle time of 4 seconds with a 4-cavity mold from Microsystems UK. The parts are removed by a W8VS2 WITTMANN robot, which has been specially designed for the highly dynamic and precise removal of micro parts, and are passed on to a camera integrated in the production cell and in the machine's control system for quality inspection. The parts are subsequently separated according to cavities and stacked in a stacking module. In this application, the parts are injected, quality-inspected and stacked in a clean-room environment.

WITTMANN automation and peripheral equipment

In addition to the robots and peripheral equipment integrated in the injection molding machines, WITTMANN BATTENFELD is presenting a broad range of robots and peripheral equipment as stand-alone solutions.

In the area of automation, an extensive cross-section of the company's product portfolio will be shown, including the robot models W808, W818, W821 and W821 UHS, as well as the large model W873.

The W808 robot is a trade fair novelty, which will be presented to the public for the first time. It is the smallest robot model in WITTMANN's range of servo robots. In all of its axes, the appliance features highly dynamic and extremely powerful servo motors, which are specially laid out for the short cycle times typical of small machines. The W808 is available with vertical strokes of 600, 800 and 1,000 mm and provides a reach of 600 mm in the direction of the demolding process as standard. The horizontal axis can be extended to a maximum of 2,000 mm.

At the Plast 2012 in Milan, the best-selling robot W818 will be demonstrated with the innovative SoftTorque functionality of the R8.2 robot control system. The SoftTorque function basically allows parts demolding by means of ejector-driven pressing of plastic parts into the gripper for demolding. For this purpose, the operator only needs to place the removal gripper somewhere fairly close to the part. The rest of the process is taken care of by the ejector in conjunction with the robot's control system. At the trade fair booth, this model will be shown together with a conveyor belt to demonstrate the synchronization of the conveyor belt as well as the SoftTorque function.

Another novelty at the Plast 2012 is the successful multi-purpose W821 robot. The load capacity of this model has been increased to 12 kg with a standard vertical stroke of 1,000 mm. In this latest version, the vertical stroke can also be extended to a maximum length of 1,400 mm. The load capacity of this model will be visualized by transporting wine bottles and crates.

The W821 UHS (Ultra-High Speed) model also on display features a reinforced vertical aluminum tube with two linear bearings and a high-performance drive for maximum acceleration and movement speed. It is specially designed for thin-walled molded parts with cycle times below 6 s.

Typical applications for the large W873 model are either machines with a minimum clamping force of 2,000 t or combinations with heavy, complex grippers. At the booth of WITTMANN BATTENFELD Italia, this power package with a maximum load capacity of 200 kg will demonstrate its talents by handling its "younger brother", the W818. The W818 robot is attached to the gripper of the W873, which lifts up the complete appliance. Even though the larger robot actually carries the smaller one, both appliances can still carry out any possible movements - both independently and synchronously. Moreover, the W873 robot comes with a servo A axis, which is able to turn the smaller W818 robot round in any required direction, thus demonstrating its load capacity.

The peripheral equipment shown at the Plast in Milan includes the temperature controller models TEMPRO Basic C, TEMPRO plus D, TEMPRO plus D Micro, TEMPRO Direct C and TEMPRO plus 250, as well as MAS and Junior granulators, Drymax E and Drymax Aton dryers, GRAVIMAX 14V metering devices and FEEDMAX material loaders. The IPC and eMax control systems will also be on display.

Among the temperature controllers, the new TEMPRO plus D temperature controller series deserves special attention. TEMPRO temperature controllers offer the highest standard in temperature stability together with optimized process management, and also provide clear and complete visualization of the entire process, thus enabling unrestricted process control. With the introduction of the new TEMPRO plus D series of appliances, a generously dimensioned 5.7" LCD color screen provides the visualization. Various buttons on the display can be configured with unlimited freedom in order to retrieve the required data exactly as desired in each individual case. The TEMPRO plus D Micro, which will also be exhibited, is a 2-circuit temperature controller specially developed for micro injection molding.

Among the dryers, the completely new drying wheel dryer DRYMAX Aton should receive special attention. What makes the DRYMAX Aton so attractive is its combination of a constant dew point with high energy efficiency and extremely low maintenance costs. These benefits have become possible by using an innovative drying wheel, consisting of numerous chambers which are loosely filled with ball desiccants. This filling concept favors high energy utilization and allows for low-cost maintenance of the wheel.

Among the loaders, the new FEEDMAX B material separators for central conveying are of special interest. They are particularly easy to handle and ideally suited for all fields of application.

The GRAVIMAX B14 blender represents a further development of the successful predecessor model GMX 14V. High-precision, wear-resistant stainless steel valves take care of the metering process. Their mechanism has been devised in such an intelligent way that one and the same valve can be used continuously to meter both virgin materials and granulates with only limited pourability, which are prone to bridging. At the Plast in Milan, the versatility of this metering valve will be demonstrated on a Gravimax 14 made of acrylic glass and filled with M&Ms.

Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH

The WITTMANN Group based in Vienna/Austria is one of the world's leading manufacturers of robots and peripheral equipment for the plastics industry. The WITTMANN product portfolio includes robots and automation equipment, automatic material loaders and material dryers as well as equipment for plastics recycling, mold tempering and cooling, and volumetric and gravimetric metering appliances.

WITTMANN BATTENFELD, a company of the WITTMANN Group with its headquarters and production facility in Kottingbrunn (Lower Austria), is a leading manufacturer of injection molding machinery and equipment for the plastics industry. The company is present in about 60 countries with its own sales and service companies as well as representative offices, thus offering optimal support to its customers in all matters concerning injection molding technology.

In Italy, the WITTMANN group is represented with its own sales and service subsidiary, WITTMANN BATTENFELD Italia.

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