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WITTMANN BATTENFELD - Competence at every level

WITTMANN BATTENFELD at the Eurostampi in Parma

(PresseBox) (Kottingbrunn, ) WITTMANN BATTENFELD stands for innovative strength and competence at every level with the objective of continuously optimizing benefits for its customers. At the Eurostampi in Parma from 24 to 26 March 2011, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will present its competence in all-electric machines as well as latest manufacturing processes to international trade visitors in hall 6, booth A 10.

WITTMANN BATTENFELD will demonstrate the functionality of its all-electric machines on three machines from the EcoPower series. The most noteworthy features of these machines from the EcoPower series are high precision as well as cost- and energy-efficiency. The EcoPower utilizes the braking energy of the drives -

normally returned to the power network by an elaborate system - within the machine to provide the control system with the necessary voltage and to heat up the heater bands. This makes these machines extremely energy-efficient, which has also been confirmed by independent comparative measurements carried out by customers, showing that the EcoPower is the market leader in terms of low energy consumption.

In addition to its competence in machine manufacturing, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will also demonstrate its capabilities in the area of process technology at the Eurostampi. The variothermic BFMOLDTM process will be on display.

In BFMOLD(TM) technology, the entire area below the cavity is utilized for heating and cooling, in contrast to molds with conventional tempering channels.

This new variothermic process operates in combination with tempering devices from the WITTMANN TEMPRO plus C160/2 VARIO series, which have been specially developed for this process technology. Especially in parts with a relatively large, plane surface, extremely even and, above all, quick cooling of the mold area can be achieved by this process. Therefore this technology is of interest not only for reducing cycle times, but also for preventing deformation and reducing tension. Moreover, it has thus become possible to avoid sink marks and joint lines above all in parts with a visible surface or a high-gloss surface.

The BFMOLDTM process will be demonstrated on an EcoPower 110/350 with a single-cavity mold supplied by KIMW. A desk telephone cover made of ABS will be manufactured in a cycle time of 34 seconds. The parts will be removed and deposited on a conveyor belt by a W823 Wittmann robot integrated in the machine's control system.

The functionality of the other machines from the EcoPower series will be presented with the following applications:

A pawl carrier will be manufactured on an EcoPower 110/350 SE from PC polycarbonate in a cycle time of 10 seconds, using a 16-cavity mold supplied by Kistler (CH). The mold is equipped with an internal mold pressure changeover device. The melt pressure is measured by sensors in the mold, and the pressure is regulated by the machine. The parts are removed and deposited on a conveyor belt by a W823 Wittmann robot integrated in the machine's control system. The EcoPower offers the ultimate in terms of repeatability and servo-electric drive technology.

On an EcoPower 180/750 with a 45 mm screw diameter, closures for PET cooking oil bottles made of HDPE with a part weight of 2.3 g will be manufactured in 8 seconds cycle time with a 32-cavity mold supplied by Silo Lorini Stampi (I). The finished parts will fall freely onto a conveyor belt. The integrated servo-hydraulic system for the ejector, core pull and nozzle makes the EcoPower particularly efficient for molds with hydraulic core pulls and is also extremely energy-efficient for applications of this type.

Apart from the machines and manufacturing processes directly presented by WITTMANN BATTENFELD, a MicroPower 15/3 will be shown at the Eurostampi in hall 5, where medical technology applications will be on display. The machine will be exhibited by the University of Padua. On this MicroPower, a staggered herringbone pattern micro mixer (SHM) for the synthetization of ionic liquids will be produced.

Such a micro mixer is an indispensible part of lab-on-a-chip platforms for complex chemical reactions and is used for mixing reactants to initiate reaction processes, for example in biochemical analyses.

In the MicroPower machines, the innovative two-step injection unit, consisting of a screw and a plunger, with a shot volume ranging from 0.05 to 3 cm³, is of special interest. The melt injected through this injection aggregate is thermally homogeneous, resulting in absolutely top-quality parts, absolutely stable production processes and short cycle times. Thanks to the short cycle times as well as low material and energy consumption, the MicroPower is also absolutely cost-efficient.