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Vistec s LMS IPRO4 successfully tested for Registration Measurement Capability on Extremely Small Structures

(PresseBox) (Weilburg / Dresden, ) Vistec Semiconductor Systems recently stated a poster presentation at the Photomask Japan about testing the Vistec LMS IPRO4 system for Registration Measurement Capability with focus on small features. The result: By using the LMS IPRO4, metrology capability can be significantly improved.

"With the introduction of the IPRO4 into our production, the metrology capability could be improved significantly by 25 %", says Christian Enkrich, Process Engineer Metrology at AMTC (Advanced Mask Technology Center). "We consider this a major step, especially as the long term error has been reduced by more than 50 %, which is very important for mask to mask overlay measurements for upcoming double patterning requirements." In addition, due to the excellent matching between the IPRO3 and IPRO4 systems, the process capability of the previous generation IPRO3 system could also be improved by 15 %.

Furthermore, the measurement capability as a function of the critical dimension (CD) of the registration feature was analysed. Since double patterning is considered as the highest potential technology for the 32-nm node, several leading edge mask users already request the capability to measure registration on structures, significantly smaller than the current 1µm registration cross. It is also assumed that during some process steps in wafer manufacturing any larger structures in the neighbourhood of smaller features may generate killer particles. Therefore, larger scale registration metrology patterns should be avoided.

In order to verify measurement capability on smaller registration structures, the performance of the metrology system on structures between 80 nm and 1 µm wide was investigated on chrome and on MoSi substrates respectively.

As the tests revealed, the measurement capability does not decrease for measurements on small structures with CDs down to approximately 100 nm (25 nm on wafer level). The capability of the Vistec LMS IPRO4 to measure on significantly smaller structures than the common registration marks will therefore make it possible to reduce the metrology cell and thus support in-die measurements

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