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Van Riet provides sophisticated order pick and sorting system to Frigosuisse AG in Möhlin (Switzerland)

(PresseBox) (PE Nieuwegein, ) Frigosuisse AG from Möhlin processes over 200.000 tons chilled products annually. Frigosuisse is the largest independent cold-storage depot enterprise of Switzerland. Frigosuisse keeps high requirements on the quality and efficiency of the new order pick and sorting system. The frozen products are picked from the large deep-freeze storage depot and are put on the different conveyors. These conveyors are merged before the products will be sorted out to their final destinations.

Van Riet, supplier of complete material handling systems, received the order for supplying and install the entire order pick and sorting system for the company Frigosuisse AG in Switzerland. Uniquely for this installation is the application in an environment of minus 28 degrees and the fact that al products should be remain frozen during the whole process.

Van Riet supplies the second generation Autosorter. This sorter gives Frigosuisse distinctive advantages:

- Low noise level, less then 70 Dba on the work areas
- Easy maintenance, even in a cold environment
- The system is capable to supply a much higher capacity (to 9,000 per hour) than necessary (3,000 per hour). In this Frigosuisse found a substantial warranty for high availability and low costs of ownership.
- By a fine-mesh sorting technology and product-friendly transitions the system is made suitable for frozen and fragile products.

The whole system is particularly developed for an environment of minus 28 degrees. This is among other things achieved by using special engines, belts, wiring and electrically, instead of pneumatic, actuators. The "human Click" between the Van Riet team and the Frigosuisse team was also a good reason for the final partner choice.