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Home improvement in Europe peaked in April and July 2013

Spanish and German consumers most active in improving their homes

(PresseBox) (MA Rotterdam, ) On a monthly base the European home improvement monitor studies the home improvement behaviour of consumers in ten European countries. In 2014 USP Marketing Consultancy is going to report the developments on home improvement activities per month with the 'European home improvement barometer'.

Positive signals on home improvement activities in 2014

The European home improvement barometer provides insight in the amount of DIY jobs and home improvement performed by professionals throughout Europe. Today the results per month over 2013 are available. During the year the figure will be updated monthly. The trend line can indicate to what degree the home improvement markets are changing and in which segments or countries in particular. The barometer below indicates the percentage of households that has done a home improvement job in the specific month. This includes Do-It-Yourself jobs as well as home improvement jobs that were done by professionals. In the past year the largest peaks in home improvement were measured in April and July. The percentage of households doing home improvement is mainly influenced by seasonal activities and consumer confidence. The consumers' confidence among European consumers has been increasing during the past 12 months. If this higher level of confidence will continue in 2014, a grow in home improvement can be expected.

Spanish and German consumers most willing to improve their homes in 2013

If results from the monitor are compared between countries we notice that some countries are more willing to invest in their home than others. Spain and Germany stand out when it comes to home improvement. In general we see a comparable trend over the 10 countries when it comes to the quarters that consumers are most active in improving their homes. The second quarter was in most countries, the period where the highest percentage of people were active with improving their homes. The type of jobs that are done vary widely, the most common jobs are, painting, gardening and decoration jobs. The European Home improvement Monitor provides insights on product category level for 20 product categories.

About the European Home Improvement Monitor

The European residential new build market currently has limited growth potential. Due to the economic recession the new build volumes have dropped dramatically. The renovation and refurbishment sector on the other hand has become relatively important and it is expected its importance will grow. There is a lot of information available about the DIY market and the renovation market in the professional segment. However, there's no source that provides insight in the size of the total home improvement market, so both jobs done by consumers and professionals, and the main trends in this market. The European Home Improvement Monitor is the first research that monitors the market size and main trends in the European home improvement market on a continuous basis.

Each month 2,000 successful interviews are conducted across Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In addition, the regions Scandinavia and Austria-Switzerland are also included in the research. This means that 24,000 interviews are conducted among European consumers on a yearly basis. The results from this research are reported on a quarterly basis and show the development of the market in terms of purchase volume and purchase channels. Furthermore, each quarter in-depth insight is given in topics which are actual in the market.