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CashWebCommunity continues to enhance Brink's value add towards Banks

Transtrack's CashWebCommunity (CWC) Cash Management software allows Brink's to offer a premium managed service for Rabobank and other Bank's ATM's

(PresseBox) (Amsterdam, ) Brink's Nederland (a subsidiary of the world's market leader in cash and valuables logistics) has driven their value add in the cash supply chain to the next level with Cash Management software, which is part of the CWC software suite supplied by Transtrack International. This has resulted in the fully automated pro-active management of the cash points (ATM's). All orders relating to cash delivery are now forecasted and optimized using a sophisticated algorithm, enabling just-in-time replenishment. The software brings improved efficiencies in cash handling and supply chain cooperation.

"Using Transtrack's software we are able to offer Rabobank a service that saves the Bank money and provides a higher level of security for Rabobank and its customers.. As an example, our cash management service optimizes the frequency of servicing and lowers the average amount of cash stock in an ATM. This reduces the risk and consequences of attacks. At the same time we guarantee higher cash availability of the ATM. This service brings value add to our customers," says Ran Ancho, Managing Director of Brink's Netherlands.

The software enables Brink's to completely automate the order optimization and the order dispatching processes required to service the various cash points just-in-time. The software effectively manages both cash volumes and logistical activities. Combined with Brink's experience and knowledge on logistical supply chain management, this solution generates a maximum value for Rabobank.

Transtrack is market leader in the development of software solutions that address the control and management of the end-to-end processes within the cash supply chain. "The highly standardized CWC software assists our clients to offer a proven value add to their clients with short time-to-market" said Ronald van Vliet, Managing Director of Transtrack.

The web based CWC software forms an integral part of a complete cash management solution that allows for effective outsourcing of cash services and still provides the essential element of controlling the outsourced service on a real time basis.