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Reliable detection of the smallest concentrations of oxygen

(PresseBox) (Fürth, ) Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) has developed a new gas analyzer for measuring small concentrations of oxygen in gases. The Oxymat 64 measures down to levels of 0 to 10 parts per million and is therefore especially suitable for use in air separation plants, technical gas production, welding applications in a protective atmosphere, hardening shops, the chemical industry and the food and beverage industry. The new 19’’ gas analyzer extends the Oxymat 6 series that has been used for the past 10 years with measuring qualities up to 50 parts per million.

Oxymat 64 uses the same operator interface and display unit like the other devices of the series as well as the same electronic modules and mechanical components. The core of the analyzer is a commercially available, tubular ZrO2 (zirconium dioxide) sensor which is field-proven for many years. The sensor is heated up to 650 °C and sample gas passes through with constant flow rate, while the exterior of the sensor is exposed to the ambient air. The difference in concentration on both sides results in a potential discrepancy that is a gauge of the concentration of oxygen in the sample gas. Depending on the application, there is an option between a catalytical inactive ZrO2 sensor and a catalytical active ZrO2 sensor, which are both characterized by a high level of linearity but they differ in the electrode material that reacts differently to the accompanying combustible components.

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