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Excelerate supplies 20% of New England's gas needs

Delivering LNG amidst record levels of send-out volumes in the North-Eastern US market / Flexible business model proves to be economic solution

(PresseBox) (Essen, ) RWE's partner in LNG, Excelerate Energy LLC, is currently supplying approximately 20% of New England's daily gas needs since deliveries began at its offshore Northeast Gateway receiving facility in December 2009. So far this winter, Excelerate has delivered two cargoes containing over 5,000,000 mmbtu of LNG in total.

"Winter demand for natural gas in the Northeastern US is high, resulting in high prices and thus an attractive market for global LNG supplies," said Rob Bryngelson, CEO of Excelerate. "This is particularly important for Excelerate as it allows us to sell into a premium market, providing a good monetisation opportunity for cargoes in our flexible portfolio," he added.

At the end of December, sendout volumes from US LNG terminals reached a seasonal fiveyear high. Gas prices spiked in the Northeastern market in excess of $11.00/mmbtu, whilst the main US Henry Hub index hovered around the $6.00/mmbtu level. At the same time, the traditionally strong Asian and European markets traded around $7.00/mmbtu and $6.00/mmbtu respectively.

The Northeast Gateway was a fouryear project built by Excelerate and completed in 2008. The facility is 29 km offshore and consists of two buoys with pipes feeding into a 16mile pipeline, that in turn feeds the natural gas hubline running along the Massachusetts coast.

Leveraging flexibility to guarantee supply

Excelerate Energy has recently secured the extension of its contract at the Bahía Blanca GasPort facility in Argentina, sending a clear signal that its assets are successfully being used to ensure security of supply.

"Excelerate has been providing seasonal regasification services in Argentina at the Bahía Blanca GasPort since 2008 to meet the country's growing winter demand. In the autumn of 2009 we extended our agreements with YPF SA, providing yearround services to help ensure security of supply going forward," Rob Bryngelson said.

Equally successful GasPort technology has also recently been completed by Excelerate with its new flexible gas terminal providing seasonal baseload service to industrial and commercial customers in Kuwait. Built in partnership with Kuwait Petroleum Company, the Mina Al Almadi GasPort was placed in service in August 2009. Completed on time and on budget, the facility ran successfully at near 100% capacity during the summer gas season. The second season is expected to start in May 2010. Excelerate currently has over 20 new projects under consideration, which stretch from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

About RWE Supply & Trading

RWE Supply & Trading is one of the leading European energy trading companies and - with a gas procurement volume of 50 billion cubic metres per year - it is also among the leading companies in the European gas industry. RWE Supply & Trading is responsible for all of RWE Group's activities on the international energy procurement and wholesale markets. A Germanbased company, RWE Supply & Trading has a European focus and acts as the RWE Group's hub for all tradable commodities such as power, gas, coal, CO2 certificates and oil in their physical and derivative forms. In addition, the company optimises the complete gas portfolio of the RWE Group, from short- to longterm procurement and delivery commitments. Headquartered in Essen, Germany, the company has additional branches and trading floors in London and Swindon (both UK) as well as a representation in Prague (Czech Republic), Dubai and Singapore. Essent Trading, belonging to the RWE Group since the Essent acquisition in October 2009, has further representations in Geneva (Switzerland) and Den Bosch (Netherlands).

About Excelerate Energy

RWE's LNG joint venture company Excelerate Energy, L.L.C., based in The Woodlands, Texas, is an LNG importer and marketer that is redefining the way LNG moves around the globe. With the proven ability to apply its proprietary regasification technology to a growing network of market access points worldwide, Excelerate Energy can connect LNG suppliers and customers in a way that minimises costs for both, while maximising the value of each delivery. Excelerate Energy's fleet of stateoftheart, environmentally friendly, LNG Regasification Vessels (LNGRVs) compliment the company's downstream investments in dockside GasPorts and deepwater port Gateways. To further enhance the capabilities of the existing LNGRVs and their cargoes, Excelerate Energy has developed and implemented the first commercially viable programme of LNG transshipment via shiptoship transfer. This combination of expertise, innovation, and strategic physical assets, give the company the equivalent of a flexible, global "pipeline" that can transport LNG from virtually any point to any other point - facilitating delivery to the highest value markets around the world. For more information please visit: