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Initial forecast for 2009: PULSION anticipates recovery in profits

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- Upturn in gross profits expected to about EUR 2.3m EBIT
- Reorientation process on course with first successes
- Reorganization of management team

Munich-based medical technology manufacturer PULSION Medical Systems AG is anticipating an increase in EBIT from EUR 0.6m to EUR 2.3m for the year 2009 as a whole. Sales should grow by 3.5% from EUR 28m to EUR 29m. Following a slump in profits and sales in the second half of 2008, the first fruits of the new approach adopted in October 2008 are now emerging. The company has already completed the first quarter of 2009 with an EBIT of EUR 0.5m. According to CFO Frank Posnanski the reorientation process is running to schedule: "Currently the most important measure is the conversion of sales with the main objective of finding new users for the core product PICCO in clinics."

Newly structured management team

Following Dr Burkhard Wittek's premature retirement as CEO at the end of May 2009 the Supervisory Board has now reorganized the management. The appointment of a new CEO is currently not planned. Instead the company's top management has been reconstituted with longstanding PULSION executives: COO Matthias Bohn, who has been with the company since 1997, will now be spokesman of the board. Christoph Manegold, previously Head of R&D, has been appointed to the Board of Management and in addition to R&D and related departments he will be responsible for the USA. 43-year-old Christoph Manegold has a degree in biomedical engineering and an MBA, and has been with the company since 2006. Besides Finances, Frank Posnanski will be responsible at board level for Sales, Legal, Buying and Human Resources. An experienced sales expert from the company has been selected for the newly-created key position of Head of Sales. He is already the successful manager of a PULSION sales region and has experience in the international arena. Matthias Bohn: "PULSION now has a highly experienced second management level which, due to its special knowledge of the company's business model, is capable of assuming further management tasks. We aim to exploit this potential. The appointment of external executives to the board level, particularly in the sales and technical fields, has not proved expedient.

PULSION Medical Systems SE

PULSION Medical Systems AG, founded in 1990, has become one of the leading specialists for intelligent medical diagnosis and therapy management systems and has been listed on the Stock Exchange in Frankfurt since 2001. The repeated development of innovative product lines in the medtech field is the basis for creation and expansion of the attractive disposable business with sterile products and pharmaceuticals.

The business unit PULSION Intensive Care covering intensive care medicine, perioperative medicine and emergency medicine focuses on the management of cardiovascular and organ functions of critically ill patients.

Products and activities of the business unit PULSION Pharma are directed at the diagnosis and therapy management of organ and tissue perfusion in ophthalmology, surgery and hepatology.

PULSION products are marketed worldwide via own sales channels or secondary distribution. All products are certified with the CE mark which is basis for marketing in the EU and some other countries. The US-American FDA approval and the Japanese market approval have been issued for selected product lines.

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