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Planatol presents innovations at drupa for fold-gluing systems, adhesives and binding machines

Stand A07 in hall 13, drupa, 3-16 May 2012, Tradefair Düsseldorf

(PresseBox) (Rohrdorf, Germany, ) Planatol Group, since 80 years an established partner of printers, packaging manufacturers, bookbinders and coating companies, will show a number of innovations at drupa 2012, in the field of fold-gluing systems, adhesives and binding machines.

Fold-Gluing Systems

Planatol offers high-performance systems for fold-gluing in web printing. The systems for longitudinal gluing Combijet 9NET and 9DT produce exact glue lines and consume very little adhesive. They distinguish themselves by applicator heads with a service life of hundreds of millions of switching cycles. The gluing nozzles are made of ceramic and last for more than 400,000 km of contact application.

At drupa, Planatol will show the new system cabinet of Combijet 9NET in a modern and compact design. The media compartment inside the cabinet has also been improved: The components are now more conveniently arranged and are therefore better accessible for maintenance purposes.

Furthermore, new functions such as web edge scanning and glue line monitoring will be presented at drupa. Web edge scanning means that a sensor scans the paper web which will stop the glue application when the web is not there. With glue line monitoring a constant glue application can be ensured.

Planatol is the only supplier world-wide offering cross-web gluing systems by means of which paper ribbons can be glued together also across the web travel. Products in short-grain size can thus be realized. At drupa, Planatol will show Crossjet, a new product study of a gluing system which is based on a special valve technique allowing non-contact application in cross-web gluing for the first time.

Glue dots are shot onto the paper web with high-end applicator heads which are arranged across the web. Even at maximum speed a glue dot will be positioned in an exact way. With the sophisticated control system the glue can be placed at any position on variable formats, as it is required, for example, in rotogravure printing. First trial runs have already proved to be successful. Crossjet is soon to replace the existing generation of cross-web gluing systems.

Adhesives based on 80 years of experience

Planatol offers high-performance adhesives for bookbinding, fold gluing, forms and mailings, print finishing, packaging as well as for labels and other applications. The whole range of adhesive technologies is covered, from dispersions to PSA, EVA and PUR hot melts.

At drupa, Planatol will present a diversity of innovations from the adhesive laboratory:

For glossy film lamination, Planatol has developed a new dispersion adhesive which features excellent adhesion properties with a reduced amount of cross linking agent, thus saving costs for customers. The new laminating adhesive can be used both as a 1-component and a 2-component system.

For perfect binding, Planatol HM 2941 will be presented, a new EVA hot melt which excels with its very low processing temperature, reducing energy costs in the production process. This new adhesive offers excellent strength of the perfect binding and can also be used in the two-shot process.

Another highlight at drupa will be Planatol's new PSA adhesive for casemaking. The PSA is resistant to temperature variations and ensures absolutely flat book covers in winter and optimum production speeds in summer. It is easy to process and provides excellent adhesion even on difficult cover materials.

Planatol's PUR hot melts offer excellent processing properties and very high strength as well as a high temperature resistance. Specifically for the requirements of perfect binding, a new PUR adhesive has been developed, which - for the first time - combines the advantages of the PUR technology with a perfect lay-flat ability. With the versatile Planatol PUR 2880, an additional low-emission variant and other types, Planatol covers all applications in book production.

Planax binding machines and Plana adhesive products

At drupa, Planatol will present the successful Planax Copy Binder 5 in a new design. This office binding machine enables to bind single documents or short print runs professionally and in a high quality. It excels with high performance, easy operation and a favourable price.

The newly developed Planax Strips are used as binding spines. These thermo binding strips made of linen have an adhesive coating which ensures excellent durability - even with difficult papers.

In addition, Planatol's presentation will include the Plana Dots from the Plana product line. Plana Dots are glue dots made from pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive for all kinds of professional packaging applications for printed products.

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The Planatol Group is an international chemical and mechanical engineering company headquartered in Rohrdorf, Upper Bavaria, Germany. The Group consists of 5 companies and develops adhesives (Planatol Adhesive GmbH), adhesive applicator systems (Planatol System GmbH), bonding applications and binding devices (Planatol Coating GmbH) as well as solvent-free adhesive tapes and films (Biolink Tape Solutions) for the most various industries. Since December 2011, Gämmerler GmbH headquartered in Gelting near Geretsried, Germany, which manufactures postpress-equipment, such as rotary trimmers, compensating stackers and log stackers, as well as conveying-systems and palletizing-robots, also belongs to the Planatol Group.