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Quick professional help for busy kitchen life

Miele G 8066 and G 8072 tank dishwashers with rotating spray arms

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) Employees in the kitchens at busy restaurants or hotels need professional help washing the dishes. Miele tank dishwashers offer reliable assistance. The G 8066 is available as a freestanding and a built-under model requiring little space and the G 8072 throughfeed machine is the ideal complement for modern commercial kitchens. The reliable cleaning performance of both machines is achieved with rotating spray arms developed by Miele: The G 8066 can, for example, wash a basket containing 22 plates in just 90 seconds – with perfect results. This machine, which is available as a freestanding and a built-under unit, requires little installation space.

This system consists of two sets of wash and rinse spray arms, one each at the top and bottom of the cabinet, and ensures optimum distribution of water. The arrangement of the spray arms and additional nozzles on the arms ensure a sparkling finish.

Miele's tank dishwashers offer a choice of three dishwashing programmes ('Short': 60 seconds on the G 8072, 90 seconds on the G 8066, 'Standard': 120 seconds and 'Intensive': 180 seconds). Short cycles ensure high performance: The G 8066 frontloading dishwasher can wash a basket loaded with 22 plates in 90 seconds; the throughfeed tank dishwasher offers an hourly capacity of up to 1320 plates. The automatic self-cleaning programme is highly practical, ensuring a hygienically clean cabinet and making manual cleaning superfluous.

Both tank dishwashers feature a pressure booster pump for the rinse cycle as standard so that wash results are independent of water supply pressure. Regarding the G 8066, Germany’s WfK materials testing institute in Krefeld confirmed this, when, in a series of trials, four competitors' front-loading tank dishwashers and the Miele machine were tested over ten wash-cycles in compliance with the VGG test method. In these tests, the G 8066 was the machine with the best cleaning performance in the industry. It was also awarded the 'Technology Award 2007' by the well known German-language kitchen trade magazine 'Küche'.

Membrane switches for simple use

Electronic controls with membrane switches allow for the simple operation of both machines. A glance at the display immediately reveals the machine's operating status at any given time. Extensive special programming options, such as altering the rinse temperature, optimise rinse performance in special applications and protect temperature-sensitive glassware and plastic items. On the throughfeed tank dishwasher, the display is located in a user-friendly position on the upper reaches of the hood. Also positioned there is an indicator which informs staff when detergent and rinse aid require replenishing. Added user convenience is offered by the ergonomic designer handles which curl from the sides to the front of the unit and can easily be reached by users of different heights.

Professional water treatment systems ensure sparkling results without polishing

It makes sense to use a professional compact water treatment system, also available from Miele, to provide water for the G 8066 frontloading tank dishwasher. Reverse osmosis systems provide fully demineralised water which ensures that manually polishing cutlery becomes a thing of the past. This system treats up to 160 l of water per hour and, depending on size, is installed either in a side unit or in a plinth on a floor tray which can also accommodate two detergent canisters. A further benefit is that there are no costs for reactivation as there is no need to replace demineralisation cartridges. This means higher initial expenditure is recouped after a short time. Pre-treated water also saves detergent and protects the dishwasher.