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Miele: Adding a new dimension to ironing

More than 200 kg of laundry per hour, an excellent finish and simple operation

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) New Professional flatwork ironers from Miele, due to be launched in mid-2012, stand for perfect laundry finish. Firstly, they are able to process more than 200 kg of laundry per hour, equating to more than a tonne of laundry per day. Secondly, they feature numerous innovations aimed at producing perfect results. These include adjustable roller contact pressure which can be modified at the touch display to suit the job in hand. In fact, ironers can be controlled entirely via the display, maximising user convenience and operational safety.

Flatwork ironers sporting the PM 16 and PM 18 model designation will be available in four widths ranging from 2.10 to 3.50 m and with roller diameters of 60 and 80 cm. Machine versions are available with electric, gas and steam heating. The touch display presenting all relevant parameters allows the machine to adapt fast to everyday working conditions: As contact pressure can be selected by the operator, the machine rises to the challenge of ironing multi-layer items such as bed linen and thicker items such as cotton table cloths just as fast as thinner fabrics. Similarly, trough temperatures and roller speeds are also user-selectable.

Furthermore, the display controls also issue a reminder when the trough is in need of cleaning or waxing. The relevant machine settings are automatically activated by the new waxing programme. Waxing intervals can be entered and adjusted by Miele Service or the laundry's own utility manager. For this and other settings, the new ironers offer various user authorisation levels, each password-protected. This also allows special-purpose programmes to be compiled and saved, obviating the need to select speed, temperature and contact pressure each time round. Instead, they can simply be saved with reference to a particular textile type or customer. This puts paid to human errors and expensive reworking.

Optional: 'Plus' infeed table with laundry suction feature

Feed belts which gently usher items of laundry into the entrance to the roller ensure great efficiency. But the new flatwork ironers feature many more practical details which increase throughput capacity: For instance the optional, height-adjustable 'Plus' infeed table. A vacuum device located below the feed belts on the table guarantees that items are crease-free as they glide onto the roller, further improving the finish on high-class table linen.

The EasyFold outfeed table represents a very special highlight. This table is unique to Miele and features the same sculptured honeycomb design and perforations as washing machine drums. Colder room air is able to permeate the flatwork on the table from below, allowing items to cool down fast. This gentle flow of air also fixes the finish in place.

Energy can be saved by coasting home with the residual heat in the trough after switch-off. This heat is sufficient to iron a day's last batch of items. And to ensure that no heat is wasted unnecessarily, the roller speed is automatically reduced as the temperature drops.

Heat-retaining roller cover prevents energy losses

Further user convenience is achieved through optional extras such as the heat-retaining cover which prevents heat radiation losses. This reduces energy consumption and keeps temperatures down in the close vicinity of the machine, representing a further convenience benefit. As the cover is transparent, the roller surface is in full view of the user at all times.

A further option is laundry return feed, allowing the machine to be operated by one or at most two persons from the infeed side only. This is ideal for ironing smaller items of laundry. It is possible to switch between through- and return feed at any time. This way, ironing adapts fast to changing working conditions.

And, of course, safety is very high on Miele's agenda on this new generation of flatwork ironers. Depending on customer preferences, one or two long footswitches can be freely positioned in front of the machine to conveniently stop and start the roller. This allows the last finishing touches to be made to flatwork before it disappears into the trough - a great advantage when it comes to certain challenging items such as round tablecloths.

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