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The KARL MAYER Academy introduces an improved programme of courses

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Efficient machines and a high level of expertise are a guarantee of success on markets experiencing rapid growth and dynamic business cycles - and the warp knitting sector is no exception. The textile machinery builder, KARL MAYER, therefore not only supplies its clients with modern tricot and raschel machines, it also provides them with information on warp knitting, which is targeted to suit specific user groups. This innovative company has set up the KARL MAYER Academy, which specialises in well targeted knowledge transfer. This training centre is based at the company's headquarters in Obertshausen and also has branches in India and China. KARL MAYER is constantly expanding and improving the range of courses it offers in order to cater for the changing conditions on national markets. The qualifications currently on offer and the changes that have been made recently will now be presented.

The KARL MAYER Academy India

KARL MAYER's own training centre in Surat was opened in June of last year and has been well received by the company's clients. 51 trainees have already attended courses during the first eight months of this year - a figure that is likely to rise in the future. An extended range of courses is available to Indian customers as of now. The new programme includes two new basic courses aimed at specific target groups, i.e. one on lace and fabric analysis and one on maintenance and repair of the machines. The KARL MAYER Academy India offers the following training courses:

Warp Knit Basic Course (WKB) - 7 days

The basic warp knitting course is tailored to the current requirements of newcomers to warp knitting and provides basic information on warp knitting technology. The main topics covered are the basics of stitch formation, fabric construction and lapping technology, calculating yarn run-ins, and fabric analysis. A basic understanding of the mechanical principles of warp knitting is also developed.

Operators' Course - 3 days

This course is aimed at machine operators with no previous technical knowledge. During the course, the newcomers to warp knitting will learn how to call up the functions of tricot machines and what tools are needed to operate the machine.

New: WKB-Technicians - 5 days

This additional basic warp knitting course is held under the motto of "hands on - getting to grips". This new course is aimed at technicians. They will be given practical technical information on the technology, the adjustment procedures and the handling of tricot machines. The topic of textile technology will also be outlined.

New Basic Training Management, special - 5 days

This additional basic course on warp knitting is tailored to suit the interests of company owners and managers. Unlike the other courses, this course will only take place from 8.00 to 12.00 daily - to fit in with the work schedules of the participants. The aim of this course is to pass on the information needed to fully exploit the production potential and utilise the business opportunities offered by tricot machines. The main topics covered are productivity, production and textile possibilities.

New: Lace Basics - 2 days

This introductory course on lace was incorporated into the Academy's programme in January of this year as a reaction to market demand. In this general introduction to lace technology, the trainees are familiarised with the fundamentals and principal production possibilities of warp-knitted lace.

New: Analysis Basics - 3 days

This course on fabric analysis lasts three days and covers standard tricot fabrics available on the market, together with an analysis of the patterns. Fabrics currently available are examined under a microscope and shown as lapping schemes. This course is aimed at designers, product developers and company owners, among others.

New: Sustaining Maintenance - 1 day

The Academy holds maintenance weeks to provide participants with the knowledge and tools for ensuring that the machines are always available for production. Anyone who is interested can take part in these one-day courses. The maintenance course covers explanations of typical problems and the appropriate preventive measures.

There is no charge for the maintenance course. A registration fee applies to all the other courses.

A one-off course was also held at the KARL MAYER Academy India from 22 July to 2 August of this year on the double-bar raschel machine. This course was in response to the many questions raised by customers who are on the lookout for functional products for niche applications. The instructor, Stephan Jung (Fig. 1), from Germany welcomed seven participants to this special course. The company owners and production managers were particularly interested in the production of textiles for future markets, such as cushioning and breathable warp-knitted spacer textiles for shoes, rucksacks, jackets and protective equipment. The production of plush fabrics was also discussed in some detail. "The participants asked many specific questions during the course," explained Stephan Jung. "They were extremely knowledgeable and were well prepared. Many of them brought samples with them from their own companies or from the market so that we could analyse them together."

A highlight of the training course on double-needle bar Raschel machines was the visit of the Indian textile minister, Dr. Kavuru Sambasiva Rao, on 27. July to the KARL MAYER Academy and to the office of KARL MAYER's agent A.T.E. The minister and other government representatives were on tour to officially open the textile park Sayan Integrated (Weal Park). The KARL MAYER Academy also has its head office in this new big industrial area. The delegation had a look at various warp-knitted articles, discussed the application fields of textiles and surprised Stephan Jung during his training course. The trainer presented the course content and explained the benefits of participating in such a training course, both for company owners and for machine operators - very convincing explanations for the guests. When leaving the Academy Dr. Kavuru Sambasiva Rao said that the work of our Academy and of A.T.E. represents a major contribution to the Indian textile industry.

KARL MAYER Academy China

The KARL MAYER Academy China (Fig. 2+3) offers all the warp knitting and raschel machine courses:
- Introduction to the basics of warp knitting - 5 days (WKB)
- Advanced course on warp knitting machines - 5 days (WKS)
- Advanced course on double-bar raschel machines - 5 days (WKD)
- Advanced course on multibar raschel machines - 5 days (Special ML)
- Fabric analysis - 5 days (WKA)
- RSJ Special - 5 days
- DJ/RDPJ Special - 5 days

The training courses are held by two instructors in English and Chinese. The team in the Chinese Academy is also extremely busy this year. By August of this year, 132 specialists had attended courses there from five Asian countries. Last year, 164 people completed courses at the Academy. The most recent training course in the summer took place from 12 to 16 August and covered the basics of warp knitting. The participants, who were employees of warp knitting companies and yarn producers, judged the course to be a resounding success. "The course will be of enormous help to me in my daily work," concluded one trainee from the HYOSUNG Group. "The knowledge I have gained here will give me the confidence to communicate better with my colleagues and co-workers and also with outside partners. I have also got many new ideas from chatting to the instructors. I have decided to take an advanced course soon," he went on to say.

KARL MAYER Academy Germany

The four members of the training team in the German Academy can also look forward to a full schedule of courses this year. All the courses are fully booked up until December. By the end of July, 218 participants from 19 countries had been trained by the instructors in Germany - a figure that is similar to last year's.

The wide variety in the content of the courses of the KARL MAYER Academy Germany is perfect for meeting the training needs of the company's customers. The following courses are available:
- Introduction to the basics of warp knitting - 2 weeks (WKB)
- Advanced course on tricot machines - 3 weeks (WKS)
- Advanced course on multibar raschel machines - 3 weeks (WKM)
- Advanced course on double-bar raschel machines - 3 weeks (WKD)
- Fabric analysis - 1 week (WKA)
- Training courses on direct warping machines for warp knitting (on request)
- Training courses on warping machines for weaving (on request)
- A variety of special training courses to meet specific requirements

The KARL MAYER Academy Germany is also responsible for training clients in the USA once a year. The instructor, Robert Kuna, flew to Greensboro, North Carolina to hold this year's training course in America, which took place from 17 to 21 June. A meeting room at the Courtyard Hotel, Greensboro Airport, which is not far from KARL MAYER's American subsidiary, was set aside for the training course. The 20 participants on the course (Fig. 4) came from branded goods producers in the functional underwear and clothing sectors and from companies like The North Face, Gore & Associates and Pearl Izumi, as well as from the medical textiles and automotive sectors. These represented a wide range of applications for warp-knitted textiles but Robert Kuna was well prepared for this by covering a wide variety of topics during the course. The tightly packed training programme included an analysis of fabrics currently available, the production of lapping schemes, and the presentation of basic information on the characteristics, end-uses and possibilities available for producing and finishing the fabrics. The participants on the course were very pleased with the outcome of these packed training sessions, regardless of whether they were newcomers, machine users, buyers or developers. "For some, the week-long training course was perfectly adequate, but others felt that they would like to expand their knowledge to suit their own particular requirements more," explained Robert Kuna. A good opportunity for them to do this would be to take part in an advanced course at the KARL MAYER Academy Germany.


You can register for the courses at the KARL MAYER Academy in Germany and India by clicking on and in China at For details of the dates go to the KARL MAYER homepage and select Service/KARL MAYER Academy. In addition to the designated training courses, other courses are available on request.
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