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IVU's CEO accompanies German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Vietnam

Berlin software company hopes to promote smoothly operating transport in Vietnam

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) On Tuesday, German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel began a state visit to Vietnam, accompanied by representatives from 15 medium-sized German companies. The only Berlin company among the delegation is IVU Traffic Technologies AG, represented by its CEO Martin Müller-Elschner. The visitors to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City also attended a German-Vietnamese economic forum. Here all the parties hoped to develop joint business relationships and if possible to win new orders in the South-East Asian country. The trip is particularly promising for IVU, because while Vietnam has more than 87 million inhabitants and a high demand for mobility, so far its public transport networks are not well developed yet. The demand for the modernisation and efficient control of public transport systems is greater than ever.

Smoothly flowing traffic is one of the basic requirements for the functionality and vitality of major conurbations. Every day people have to travel to and from work, goods have to be supplied, mail and parcels delivered, and many other transport services provided. But what we take for granted can easily become a challenge in Vietnam's metropolises. Currently, the country only has one rail line connecting the north and south of the country, and relatively few bus lines. Many people have to rely on private means of transport, first of all mopeds, and this not only leads to blocked roads and chaotic traffic snarl-ups but also generates high levels of air pollution. Public services cannot ensure punctuality and stops are often not served because traffic jams and accidents bring the traffic to a standstill. There is an urgent need for action, and Martin Müller-Elschner has travelled to Vietnam in order to demonstrate possible solutions and to discuss ideas for modern transport concepts. He is able to point to success stories such as Cali in Colombia. In the South American city, IVU Traffic Technologies AG has already proved that the systems of its IVU.suite can make a major contribution towards establishing modern, smoothly operating transport services.

IVU Traffic Technologies AG

IVU Traffic Technologies AG has been working for more than thirty years with some 300 engineers to ensure that transport in the world's major cities operates reliably and on time. People and vehicles in expanding cities are continually on the move - a logistical challenge which calls for intelligent and reliable software systems. The standardised software products of the IVU.suite and tailor-made IT solutions are used to plan, optimise and control the scheduling of vehicle fleets and personnel, support the choice of branch locations and ensure that election results are determined correctly.

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