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“After the record-breaking year 2007 growth and sustainability are our goals for the future”

Interseroh AG presents its 2007 results

(PresseBox) (Köln, ) Interseroh AG finished the business year 2007 with a turnover and profit record. Posting a turnover of approximately 1.75 billion euros and a profit of 55.4 million euros before taxes, the Interseroh Group grew considerably in the past year.

Interseroh CEO Johannes-Jürgen Albus explained the most important driving forces of growth in 2007 as follows: "A series of successful acquisitions in Germany and the Netherlands in the steel and metal recycling segment, a service segment that has experienced strong organic growth, and the rapidly increasing global marketing of secondary raw materials have defined the business year 2007 for our enterprises."

The consolidated turnover of the Interseroh Group amounted to approx. 1.75 billion euros in 2007 and has thus reached the highest level in the history of Interseroh - an increase of over 41 per cent compared to 2006. The group also posted a substantial increase in earnings before taxes (EBT): After 41.1 million euros in 2006, Interseroh registered an EBT of approximately 55.4 euros for 2007. This corresponds with an increase of 35 per cent. The EBIT grew from 45.32 million in the previous year to 64.29 million euros.

In view of the best year to date of Interseroh AG s ten years on the stock exchange, the positive development shall also be reflected in the dividend this year: the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors will propose a dividend of 86 eurocents with a bonus of 14 eurocents at the Annual General Meeting.

Interseroh is now the leading European provider of organizational solutions for material flow management and one of the leading suppliers of industries in Western Europe with approx. 5.8 million tons of processed and traded secondary raw materials. By acquiring a majority of shares of a secondary metal dealer based in the Netherlands and in Hong Kong and by acquiring a minority holding of a steel and metal recycling firm in the USA, the Interseroh Group has also taken an important step towards increasing its physical presence outside Europe.

"In view of the ongoing internationalization of our areas of business, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board are striving this year to transform Interseroh AG into a European joint-stock company, a Societas Europaea", stated Albus during the presentation of the results. After a corresponding decision at the Annual General Meeting on 25 June 2008 the group will in future operate under the name "Interseroh SE".

"By taking this step we underline our claim to actively participate both within and outside Germany in the protection of the climate and the natural resources. The recycling branch and closed loop recycling management are crucial components in our efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, conserve primary raw materials and thus also preserve the environment and nature", explained the CEO. "We want to provide an active contribution to making the goals of businesses and ecology more and more compatible with one another. For Interseroh, the economy and ecology are inseparably linked with one another and both sides can benefit. Our growth provides a clear example of this."

The Interseroh Group operates in a market environment in which purchasers of secondary raw materials are increasingly becoming just as concentrated as the contractual partners in the waste management industry in the last several years. "Therefore growth is not only desirable for Interseroh, but also indispensable", stressed Albus. "As long as the secondary raw materials prices remain at a relatively high level in the coming years and there is no extreme dent to economic growth, we should be able to achieve growth in sales volume of over 2.5 billion euros by the year 2010."

For the current year 2008 the Board of Directors expects a new sales record for the Interseroh Group in the steel and metal segment totalling approx. four million tons of steel scrap and about 400,000 tons of metal scrap and thus an increase of around 20 per cent compared to 2007. As a provider of nearly complete services related to disused packaging and products, Interseroh holds a clear unique selling position in this market and is unparalleled in Germany with its range of products. "And we are on the right path to becoming a full-range provider of waste management services for trade and industry", as Albus emphasized the ambitions for the coming years. Interseroh is also striving for further organic and acquisitive growth in the raw materials trade segment.

INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH

With headquarters in Cologne, over 70 branch locations, and nearly 1,800 employees in Europe the stock-listed Interseroh Group stands for high-quality recycling and modern ecological recycling management. Its tasks include the collection, transport, processing, and recovery of empty packaging, end-of-life products, and scrap metal in several European countries. Interseroh thus assures that valuable secondary raw materials traded world-wide are available to industries for their production activities. In 2007 this totalled approx. 5.8 million tons and the Group generated a turnover of around 1.75 billion euros.

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