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Imtech: 40 million euro orders to stimulate mobility in Europe

Imtech acquires Swedish company DIS Nordic AB

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) Gouda - Imtech (technical services provider in Europe) has been awarded various European contracts aimed at boosting mobility on motorways and in cities without damaging the environment. The contracts relate to traffic management, signalling and online monitoring on motorways in countries such as England and the Netherlands, and in various Eastern-European cities. The total value of these contracts comes to some 40 million euro. To further encourage the export of Imtech technology, Imtech DIS (Digital Interactive Systems) has acquired Nordic AB in Stockholm in Sweden.

The market for mobility and intelligent traffic solutions is experiencing rapid growth. Technology offers good solutions to encourage safe flow of the growing traffic and to reduce the emission of particulate matter. Imtech (the combination of Imtech Infra and Peek Traffic, which was acquired last year) enjoys a strong position in the UK, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe on the urban and intercity market as well as the market for traffic safety and maintenance.

Great Britain: safe traffic around Birmingham

In Britain, Imtech is responsible for a high-tech monitoring system (Active Traffic Management or ATM) that includes maximum speed indication and enforcement as well as intelligent rush-hour lane management on the motorways around Birmingham. This task is carried out on the instruction of the Highways Agency (executive agency covering all motorways and trunk roads in England). Imtech technology is used to steer the traffic around Birmingham in a more efficient and safe manner.

The Netherlands: fewer tailbacks on the A12, A2 and A7

In the Netherlands, Imtech provides the technology for Motorway Traffic Management (MTM), signalling, onramp flow and other traffic systems aimed at improving mobility on the A12 (Gouda-Zoetermeer), including additional lanes and new junctions for existing traffic bottlenecks around Bleiswijk and Zevenhuizen. This is being done on the instruction of the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management. Imtech is also responsible for a similar technology package for the widening of the A2, between Everdingen and Deil and between Zaltbommel and the Empel bottleneck, as well as on the A7 between Zaandam and Purmerend-Zuid. These measures should lead to improved traffic flow on these routes, thereby resulting in significantly reduced road congestion on the roads.

Eastern Europe: improved traffic flow in rapidly expanding cities

Mobility is an increasingly topical issue in Eastern Europe, especially in the regions that are experiencing strong economic growth and the resulting pressure on the road infrastructure. Imtech has been awarded a major four-year contract for the maintenance and expansion of intelligent traffic systems in Warsaw. The traffic is controlled, depending on its intensity, to ensure the best possible flow. Imtech is also responsible for expanding the number of traffic lights and improving street lighting. Another assignment involves the technical infrastructure for the online monitoring of traffic flow at 50 intersections in Warsaw. In Croatia, Imtech has been awarded a contract for the realisation of intelligent traffic systems for the control of intersections in Zagreb, Split and Rijeka.

Position in Sweden

Mobility technology is increasingly being exported from the UK and the Netherlands to a number of other European countries. A recent example is a contract secured in Italy. From a strategic viewpoint, Imtech is also endeavouring to expand its position in regions such as Scandinavia. To that end, it has acquired Swedish traffic management specialist, DIS (Digital Interactive Systems) Nordic AB. The Stockholm-based DIS is a small but rapidly growing player on the Swedish mobility market and shows great potential for the future. The company is in a good starting position to sell Imtech technology to a number of larger Swedish cities. In addition, a comprehensive installed base of Peek technology had already been installed in Scandinavia in the past and is now in need of replacement, upgrading or expansion. DIS will operate locally on the Swedish market under Peek Sweden and this active involvement is expected to lead to further growth.

Imtech Contracting GmbH

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