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Mexican Ministry of Agriculture and National Institute for Epidemiology buy Advalytix AmpliSpeed and Implen Nanophotometer to screen for H1N1 (Swine Flu) and agricultural pathogens

(PresseBox) (Munich, Germany and Mexico City, Mexico, ) The Advalytix product team of Olympus, Implen , and AmpliBio jointly announce that the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture (SAGARPA) awarded AmpliBio a contract for 17 GENE LABs - AmpliBio’s turnkey solution for molecular analysis. Each GENE LAB will contain Advalytix’s AmpliSpeed single cell molecular analysis cycler, and Implen’s Nanophotometer to quantify DNA, RNA and protein in sub µl samples. Separately, AmpliBio is supplying the Mexican Institute for Epidemiology (INdRE) with Nanophotometers to increase the institute’s capacity to screen for H1N1.

“Using AmpliSpeed cyclers and AmpliGrid slides we plan to screen fish and shrimp eggs imported to Mexico for over 20 viral and bacterial pathogens. AmpliGrid slides greatly simplify single cell handling, allow us to detect minute amounts of pathogen, and save reagents due to their 1µl reaction volumes,” said Biol. Ernesto Ontiveros, representative of SAGARPA.

“After a highly competitive bidding process, we decided to invest in Implen’s Nanophotometer due to the instrument’s compact size, on-board computer control, versatility, precision and maintenance free design” said Dr. Ernesto Ramirez, representative of InDRE.

“We are extremely impressed by AmpliBio’s professionalism, molecular biology know-how, and customer dedication. We are proud that AmpliBio chose AmpliSpeed and the Implen Nanophotometer for their GENE LAB turnkey solution. GENE LAB is a highly unique offer that combines best of class instruments from leading vendors without compatibility worries,” added Frank Feist, Executive Director Olympus America Inc, Advalytix Business.

About Advalytix

Advalytix is Olympus’ worldwide competence centre for cell-based molecular biology, with a focus on single cell molecular analysis, and the miniaturization of molecular tests for research and development. Advalytix offers turnkey solutions with products that link imaging technologies with nucleic acid analysis.

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Implen is a leading provider of system solutions for the analysis of nanovolume samples. Main application areas are PCR, sequencing, protein quantification, microarray based genomic hybridization (Array CGH), fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH), expression profiling, and protein array technologies.