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Print Media Academy (PMA) and International Education Experts from Six Countries Analyze Global Trends for Further Education

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- PMA education summit took place in Singapore
- Results will shortly be published in a booklet
- Motto: "Attract best talents to study printing"

The second education summit of Heidelberg's Print Media Academy took place from May 8th to 11th in Singapore under the motto "Attract best talents to study printing." Six top-notch representatives from international universities and vocational schools for print and media discussed new ways of collaboration and innovative training options in the print media industry. The Print Media Academy of the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG in Germany was the event initiator.

The education summit's key question was: "How can the urgently needed students for the print and media branches be recruited?" In most countries, the print media industry cannot sufficiently cover its high need for well-trained and skilled employees. Technological changes and the challenges of globalization also have an impact on the classical job description of printers and require new qualifications," emphasizes Bernd Schopp, Director of the Print Media Academy.

Participants at the international education summit considered the traditional image of the printing industry and insufficient promotion of the significance of the print medium as among the reasons for the lack of well-trained junior staff. Print can no longer be regarded as a "stand alone" matter, but as an integral part of communication as a whole. However, public opinion only focuses on the print industry's craftsmanship.

The international group of experts' tenor was the importance of strongly emphasizing that the print and media industry is a future-oriented, modern branch offering young ambitious people a secure future and occupational opportunities on the international job market.

These days, many universities recommend postgraduate studies within the print and media industry to students from other study branches. Postgraduate studies are especially suited for graphic designers or digital media experts, who can significantly increase their job prospects with an additional print qualification.

The education summit came to an additional conclusion: Today's constantly changing environment and fierce competition make lifelong learning indispensable - also within the print media industry. Ongoing educational training courses for print shop owners and employees have become increasingly important. Furthermore, it is necessary to continually adjust syllabuses in schools and universities to meet the demands of industry and market.

"Today's print industry is a multifaceted branch, demanding both technical expertise and business knowledge, as well as creative abilities. Industrial and educational institutes have to communicate the print profession's high level of attractiveness better than they have up until now," demands Bernd Schopp.

Part of the convention was a visit to the print shop Tien Wah Press Ltd., an important book manufacturer in Singapore, where the group had the opportunity to talk with the print shop's top management about the need for education and training in modern print and media houses. Globalization, the elimination of borders between the individual markets, and the fact that local markets are becoming more transparent increase the significance of basic and advanced training. To summarize once more: In addition to technical abilities, management and leadership qualities need to be increasingly imparted within the print media industry.

The Print Media Academy is currently working on a publication of the most important topics and discussion results elaborated during the convention.

- Robert Black, Director of the International Centre of Graphic Technology RMIT in Brunswick, Australia
- Frank Cost, Associate Dean at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York
- Aran Hansuebdai, Director of the Department of Imaging and Printing Technology at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok
- Manoel Manteigas de Oliveira, Director of the Association of Vocational Schools SENAI in São Paulo
- Sue Pandit, Dean of the London College of Communication at the University of the Arts
- Dr. Alexander Roos, Rector of the College of Media (HDM) in Stuttgart

The Print Media Academy (PMA) of the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG in Germany is a center for qualification and communication in the print media industry. The first education summit took place in 2006 in New York City. Comprehensive information may be found in the customer magazine from Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG, the Heidelberg News, No. 258 and 259, or at:

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