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80 years of successful teamwork

FRITSCH celebrates its 80th birthday as a company with 700 Gästen

(PresseBox) (Markt Einersheim, ) There is no better time to throw a party than when the party is over, joked Oliver Tissot, the comedian and conference clown from Nuremberg and the master of ceremonies at the 80th birthday celebration of the FRITSCH GmbH. And of course he is right, considering the fact that the bakery systems manufacturer had its round number anniversary in 2006 already. At that time, however, such a party would have coincided with the essential work of preparing for and processing the results of the most important international trade fairs. The decision was clear. The FRITSCH anniversary celebrations would have to be postponed for one year. More than 700 guests attended the festivities in the beautifully-decorated Wuerzburg Congress Center, celebrating 80 years of company success in a relaxed atmosphere until the wee hours of the morning.

Members of the Fritsch family were intent on greeting each guest individually and personally on the steps leading up to the hotel -- a sign of the deep-felt connection of the family to the family business and its employees. In the hotel lobby, a champagne toast to an 80-year success story was a fitting prelude to the fine 4-course dinner that was to claim the complete attention of the family and guests.

Throughout the evening, the witty stand-up comedian, Oliver Tissot, performed his duties as master of ceremonies with hilarious and often cheeky spontaneity. It was also Mr. Tissot who in preparation for the anniversary party had held deep interviews with company representatives and from these had created some film sequences that he presented to the great delight and thunderous applause of the viewers.

In a short speech to his guests, Klaus Fritsch emphasized the fact that today it is no longer a matter of course to be able to look back over 80 years of a successful familyrun business. "We have succeeded in growing from a regional enterprise with strong traditions in skilled craftsmanship to being one of the leading suppliers of modern bakery systems worldwide." Above all, four factors have been most important in allowing for this success: the conscious and careful nurturing of tradition; the passionate interest in the daily work and in the customers' products; the persistent innovative energy that has led so often to valuable baking solutions for the customers' demand for ever fresher and ever longer shelf lives; and, last but not least, the mutual trust and cooperation among the partners inside and outside the organization. For his part, Klaus Fritsch joined the firm in 1984, but not before he had spent his school vacations doing piecework on a lathe and accompanying his grandfather as far as Yugoslavia on service and sales tours. In this way the young man came to know his company inside and out at an early age and to see it from a variety of perspectives.

He was also party back then to the great respect the customers showed his grandfather and father, an experience which seems to power the straightforward belief expressed in his personal credo: "We are successful when our customers like dealing with us and with our machines." With this in mind, Fritsch tells us, he and his employees have been successful at increasing (in respect to industrial lines alone) yearly turnover from an erstwhile 4 million D-marks in 1984 to 25 times that today.

Entire families, some of them for a number of generations, have been employed by the FRITSCH organization, said Fritsch, interpreting this not only as an indication of the rootedness of the company in the region but also as a sign of the trust in an ongoing spirit of cooperation.

The guests, however, would have to wait a while before enjoying the refined dinner music of Zeitreise -- or, if preferred, the offerings of DJ Norman. Prof. Bernhard Senge from the Technical University in Berlin, Reinhold Danzig, Heiko Brunken and Bruno Gamm, the mayor of Markt Einersheim, the home of the FRITSCH GmbH, all wanted to add their thoughts on the subject of the FRITSCH success story. And that they did -- much to the joy of the audience -- in carefully considered and, at times, very funny words.

But then there was no holding back. The guests poured into the lounges and onto the dance floors. Once again it was perfectly clear that the people at FRITSCH not only know how to work, but how to party as well.