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The smallest and lightest media-compatible differential pressure sensor in the world of titanium!

(PresseBox) (Brüggen-Bracht, ) So far, differential pressure transducers were either very large or made of plastic and not suitable for media such as water or oil.

Since the disynet GmbH specializes in miniature- and special sensors of all kinds, they have been asked for a sensor, similar to the popular, consisting of all-metal, flush-mounted pressure sensor XP5 with an M5 thread.

There have been many questions regarding this topic: From turbine manufacturers, which previously could only attach ultra-miniature pressure sensors - as the XP5 - on rapidly rotating fields to users in the aerospace industry.

In reference to the motto "MADE TO MEASURE" a drawing of a differential pressure transducer prototypes ("XP1126-1BD") was made within a few weeks - as suggested exactly based on the XP5 sensor.

Despite its small size - the M5 thread, the weight of 7g and a maximum diameter of only 10mm - it is due to its non-magnetic titanium housing very robust and particularly suitable for demanding measurement environments. On one side of the differential pressure transducer all compatible with titanium media as a variety of gases, liquids and corrosive substances can be flush measured. With a differential pressure of 1 bar, the line pressure up to 20bar, a sensitivity of 10mV / V and an operating temperature range of -20 to +120 ° C the XP1126-1BD is an ideal sensor for various applications.

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