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Biogas Nord AG to build a 12MW, €34 million plant in the Ukraine

(PresseBox) (Bielefeld, ) .
- Market entry into the Ukraine
- Industrial solution for chicken farms and egg producers based on the BiNoLiquifeed Feed‐in system
- Current order pipeline of EUR 90 million

Biogas Nord AG, the leading international provider of biogas plants, has signed the biggest turnkey agreement in the Company's history - Euro 34 million for the construction of a 12 MW biogas project in the Ukraine. The plant shall be constructed in 2 steps the first is expected to be finished during 2012, and the second with a 10 MW power shall be fully operational by 2014. With the entry into the Ukrainian energy market, Biogas Nord AG is now present in 15 countries worldwide.

"We have found a highly effective, industrial energy solution for our customer. The unique technology offered by Biogas Nord is highly effective for chicken farms, enabling farm owners to reduce the environmental impact of their enterprise. In addition, significant cost savings can be achieved by the customer through the use of heat ",said Asnat Drouianov, Co‐General Manager of Biogas Nord AG.

"Our current order backlog of over EUR 90 million, excluding the Ukraine order,strengthens our three‐pillar strategy ‐ to expand our global presence, to enter into equity participation in biogas plants, and to constantly develop innovative technological concepts and solutions. We expect to be able to announce further contracts in the near future" said Alexander Rechter, CEO of Biogas Nord AG.


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Enspar Biogas GmbH

Biogas Nord AG is a global company building turn‐key biogas plants all overthe world. Established in the year 2000 and headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany, Biogas Nord has constructed to date more than 350 biogas plants worldwide,in Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands , the USA, Italy, the UK, Belarus, Ireland, Thailand, Cuba, Romania and Latvia. The company provides solutions in all areas of biogas technology, starting with concept development, operation and feasibility analysis, detailed design and planning, provision of approvals and licenses, construction andcommissioning, and finally operation, management, and service and maintenance.

Biogas Nord's sophisticated plant technology has proven itself throughout the years as durable, flexible and reliable. Its concepts are adapted to local conditions and coupled with the optimised use of efficient, high‐grade components. Optimal operating results are achieved by a fermentation technology designed for flexible substrate selection, combinedwith low operating costs and a high gas yield. Further efficiency increases for each plant are achieved through the integration of a heat recoverysystem.Biogas Nord is a public company, traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since November 2006. It is operating in Germany through its subsidiary Biogas Nord Anlagenbau GmbH, in Spain through Biogas Nord España S.L., inItaly through Biogas Nord Italia S.R.L., in Poland through Biogas Nord Polska Sp. z o. o., in France through Biogas Nord SAS, in the UK through Biogas Nord UK Ltd. and in Korea through Biogas Nord Korea Ltd.