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Business figures for the first three months of 2017: Basler starts the fiscal year with full order books and record results

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Incoming orders: Euro 60.4 million (previous year: Euro 23.5 million, +157 %)
Sales: Euro 36.3 million (previous year: Euro 22.4 million, +62 %)
EBIT: Euro 8.0 million (previous year: Euro 2.4 million, +233 %)
Pre-tax result: Euro 7.9 million (previous year: Euro 2.2 million, +259 %)
Pre-tax return rate 22 % (previous year: 10 %)
Free cash flow: Euro 1.7 million (previous year: Euro -1.2 million, >100 %)

BASLER AG, the leading global manufacturer of industrial cameras, is presenting today final figures for the first three months of 2017.

In the first three months of the fiscal year 2017, the group's incoming orders amounted to Euro 60.4 million (previous year: Euro 23.5 million, +157 %). The group's sales of Euro 36.3 million were 62 % above the previous year's level (Euro 22.4 million) at a slightly increased gross profit margin of 49.6 % (previous year: 49.1 %). The earnings before taxes (EBT) for the group increased by 259 % to Euro 7.9 million (previous year: Euro 2.2 million). The pre-tax return rate amounted to 22 % (previous year: 10 %). Furthermore, the company generated a free cash flow of Euro 1.7 million (previous year: Euro -1.2 million).

In a highly dynamic market environment, in the first three months of 2017, Basler AG started very strong into the new fiscal year. Record values in incoming orders and sales led to a further expansion of our market leadership. The extremely strong and unforeseen incoming orders led to a short-term capacity bottle neck and, subsequently, to a significant order volume. The strong demand is mainly due to high investments in the electronics industry in Asia along with a widely spread upswing in the market. Furthermore, bottle necks in materials and production led to increasing delivery times and these to early order placements.

Due to the high business level economies of scale quickly set in and the pre-tax result as well as the pre-tax return rate significantly increased.

Incoming orders are expected to cool down in the upcoming weeks and get back to a normal level in the second quarter. "With this extremely strong tailwind, at full capacity, we very profitably steer into the upcoming months of the current financial year", said Hardy Mehl, Chief Financial Officer.

For 2017, the company continues to plan within a sales corridor of Euro 120 - 130 million at an EBT margin between 13 - 15 %.

The full three-month report 2017 can be seen on the company's website (



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