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Nutrilife ME 01 and Lamemul MM 01: flour improvers for superior baking performance at competitive prices

(PresseBox) (Monheim, ) Manufacturers are facing increasing challenges in the food market, as modern consumers want baked products to offer more than just great taste: They should have a pleasing texture, a soft crumb, an attractive volume, and all of this must be delivered in reliable, constant high quality. To ensure that these demands are satisfied, flour mills need to provide flours with good baking performance. However, millers presently struggle with varying flour qualities resulting from different causes such as changing weather conditions. To compensate flours with poor baking quality, Cognis Nutrition & Health now developed Nutrilife ME 01® and Lamemul MM 01®.

Flours for yeast-raised products like bread, rolls, and croissants have to offer particularly good baking performance. At present, poor quality wheat can only be compensated by blending in a wheat variety of good baking performance or hard wheat flour with good gluten properties. However, these solutions are technologically and logistically complex, and also very expensive. With the newly launched Nutrilife ME 01 and Lamemul MM 01, Cognis offers flour producers a competitive way to improve quality. The addition of these new ingredients to flour of poor quality, even in very low dosages, has a considerable effect on baking performance.

Enhanced performance, simplified processes
Nutrilife ME 01 is a special hemicellulase based enzyme blend that results in dough which is more machinable and stable, less sticky and gives the final product more volume. Lamemul MM 01 is a combination of monoglyceride and enzymes that acts in the same way, and also improves crumb softness and volume. Therefore it is ideally suited for high-performance flours, or flours used in recipes where crumb softness is of particular importance, such as sandwich bread or hamburger buns.

Comments Andreas Funke, Product Line Manager Bakery Ingredients: "Our new products remove the need for manufacturers to engage in complex flour selection and combination processes. They simplify process flows in flour mills, and reduce the use of costly hard wheat flour. As such, Nutrilife ME 01 and Lamemul MM 01 are a highly cost-effective way of gaining a competitive edge in the premium-quality flour market."