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Actix announces Tier 1 mobile operators have deployed NSM systems in nationwide networks

Carriers already seeing 80% efficiency improvement and measurably improving mobile customer experience

(PresseBox) (London, ) Actix, the leader in Network Status Management (NSM) for mobile operators, revealed that they have already delivered a number of NSM systems to global Tier 1 customers in multi-million dollar contracts. Actix NSM systems have now been accepted and are fully in service, following the first release of the systems on 1 October 2007.

NSM is a new category of radio engineering systems that extends the operational principals already well known in OSS into the radio subsystem, bringing the operational excellence of a more systemized, efficient and coordinated approach to managing the status of radio networks.

"It is great to see to see just how quickly operators are taking up this technology, but we're not at all surprised because NSM is the right technology for today's highly competitive, cost conscious environment," commented Chris Larmour, Chief Marketing Officer, Actix. "The statistics from mobile operators today are startling - surveys of mobile operators around the world have revealed that up to 70 per cent of daily engineering work is non productive activity, making radio access network experts productive for an average of just 3.5 hours a day. Add in the fact that 27 per cent of all mobile carrier OPEX is spent on running the RAN, and there is little doubt that mobile operators can benefit significantly from taking a more holistic view on their radio network. Network Status Management is redefining the management of RAN engineering by automating key processes and prioritizing the problems that have a disproportionate impact on improving mobile network performance.

Actix has also launched two entirely new NSM products within Actix One, a framework of RAN planning, performance and management products for mobile network operators.

- Actix Insight - Automatically identifies, collates and diagnoses complex RAN problems and provides an optimized workflow to resolve the problem. Replaces the numerous disparate systems currently used in RAN engineering, including mini-tools, spreadsheets and databases each of which provide their own task list, with a single automated process providing a six-fold increase in performance engineering productivity, according to carriers who have implemented the system to date.

- Actix Viewpoint - A web-based thin client solution for the management and distribution of multiple types of network performance engineering information. By integrating multiple management systems, such as troubleshooting, network optimization, coverage reporting and application performance, Actix Viewpoint provides unified views of real-time and historical performance engineering information across the entire network.

Actix One enables mobile network operators to implement large scale NSM technologies in their RAN engineering processes, and uses enterprise grade SOA architecture, databases and software sharing solutions such as Oracle 10g and Citrix to provide massively scalable solutions across large, widely distributed teams.

Deployments of NSM solutions to date have been for Tier 1, national scale projects that solve coordination, systemization and automation challenges across thousands of kilometers and large numbers of users, providing measurable business results almost immediately - in some cases cutting the time taken to resolve daily tasks by as much as 80%.

Actix will be publicly demonstrating both Actix Insight and Actix Viewpoint for the very first time at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 11-14th February 2008.

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With increasingly fierce competition and sky-high customer expectations, mobile operators around the world are striving to extract every last bit of performance and value from one of their biggest assets, the radio access network. UK-based Actix helps wireless carriers enhance revenue growth and improve operating margins by delivering intelligent, automated network performance engineering and network status management systems. Actix solutions feature embedded wireless expertise, automating key processes and enabling very significant efficiencies in the deployment and operation of carriers' networks, delivering measurably higher performance at lower cost. Over 10,000 engineers from 227 operators - including Verizon, O2, AT&T and T-Mobile - in 106 countries globally depend upon Actix software every day to help improve coverage for more than 1,100,000,000 subscribers. For more information, please see