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Zwick is at the cutting edge of specimen notch preparation

New notch milling machine

(PresseBox) (Ulm, ) Notched impact bending tests are performed on plastics mainly in accordance with the Charpy Standard ISO 179-1 or IZOD Standard ISO 180 or ASTM D 256, and specimens must have a prepared notch of type A, B, or C in accordance with the relevant standard. The requirements for the performance of any notch milling machine with regard to the cutting, feeding rate and swarf size are specified in ISO 2818 because differences in the notch production process can have a significant influence on notched impact strength results.

Zwick has introduced a new notch milling machine ZNO handling packs of up to twelve ISO specimens which can then be notched at the same time. The independent settings for cutting and feeding speed allow optimum notch results for each plastic material whilst the solid machine construction and direct notch depth adjustment system enables an extremely high dimensional accuracy over the complete pack length.

During the development of the product special attention was paid to the operational safety features. For example, when compared to most conventional machines Zwick’s high speed milling cutter is mounted below the processing table and so poses no danger of being touched. The protective hood is equipped with a CE-conforming safety switch which stops the machine whenever the hood is opened.

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