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Zwick expands its accessories program

(PresseBox) (Ulm, ) Materials and quality requirements increase continuously along with the need for improvements in mechanical testing.

With a doubling of sales in the last five years, Zwick’s range of testing accessories helps its customers to stay ahead of competitors by adding increased functionality to existing testing equipment. Because this equipment can be used on most brands of testing equipment, users can benefit from Zwick’s experience in manufacturing manual, pneumatic or hydraulic specimen grips, analogue, digital, contact or non-contact extensometers, temperature chambers, compression or flexure tooling, and many other special fixtures.

The improved measurement capability of modern testing systems means that they can register the smallest of changes in the specimen, and so specimen grips are particularly important because the performance of any testing system is dependant on the ability to correctly grip the test specimen.

The requirements for grips are especially diverse; on the one hand they must be adapted to geometry of the specimen, and the type of test and on the other hand they must operate correctly in the required environmental conditions. Zwick provides a well designed and comprehensive range with many different interchangeable components such as jaw faces and adapters which can be selected according to the test application. These include conventional tensile tests; combined tensile and compression tests, shear, peel, bonded joints, wet tensile tests (e.g. on paper), and many others which can be handled with flexibility and efficiency as well as operator safety and convenience.

Zwick’s highly experienced technical experts and well equipped application laboratory in Germany offer assistance to customers by carrying out tests on materials and components and recommending appropriate grips, tools, and fixtures.

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