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Z-LASER receives Vision Systems Design Innovators Award 2016

New ZX laser production line received award / Z-LASER Germany starts automated production procress for its ZX-Laser series / new automated and robot guided production of OEM laser components / Z-LASER starts industry 4.0

(PresseBox) (Boston, ) Boston / Freiburg | At this years Vision Systems Show in Boston (MA, US) Z-LASER has been again awarded. The OEM laser production line „ZX“ received the Vision Systems Desing Innovators Award 2016. The OEM laser compontents of the ZX series are produced by an automatic robot guided process. Thus a constant quality and an optimized adjustment of all its components is achivable. The connection between its stainless steel components are welded together. By this procedure the heat transfer of the laser diode and thereby the long-term stability is significant enhanced.

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Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH

Within the past 30 years Z-LASER developed from a manufacturer of simple positioning lasers to the solution developing partner in the field of laser image processing and OEM in different industries. From Freiburg (Germany) the manufactured laser products are sold worldwide through a network of international distributors. Research, development and manufacturing of all components, and finally the whole laser is made 100% in Germany. Therefore every Z-LASER is a real "Made in Germany" product. In the headquarter in Freiburg (Germany) about 85 employees develop and create laser modules and innovative laser products/solutions. The Department of Research and Development itself is about 30% of the employees resources.

In the region of Freiburg/Baden-Württemberg, Z-LASER delivers a major contribution for the preservation of the local business location. Also Z-LASER educates continuously trainees in the field of electronic and business administration (apprenticeship) and is a well-known and approved partner of several universities (degree studies).