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Laser projector LP-HFD is now available with ZFSM (fibre-coupled laser technology)

(PresseBox) (Freiburg, ) As of March 2014, the manufacturer of laser systems Z-LASER will equip all LP-HFD laser projectors with its fibre-coupled laser systems ZFSM. The recently developed ZFSM systems utilize the inherently superior optical properties of optical fibres. This new product is especially suitable for applications with the highest requirements in projection accuracy.

The ZFSM system separates the optics from the laser source via an optical fibre with an electronics harness. The heat generated by electronics and the laser source has no more direct influence on the optics, which results in a higher projection stability.

Optical properties of optical fibres are superior compared to bare laser diodes in terms of the beam profile (M² ~ 1.05) and the geometry of the dispersion. ZFSM yields small and perfectly round spots for point projection optics (e.g. 8μm at 30mm working distance).

Benefit for LP-HFD laser projectors
  • Perfect circular beam quality
  • Better laser power distribution within projection area
  • Optics and electronics are separate parts
    → Less thermal drift
  • Standard optics focusable up to 7m; Tele-optic allows focussing range up to 15m (available soon)
  • All LP-HFD models will now use the same galvo set with smaller mirrors
    → LP-HFD green has now same speed as the former LP-HFD red
Main features of fibre-coupled laser technology:
  • Supports laser diodes with red (638nm), green (520nm)
  • Fibre length: 500mm by default
  • Perfect beam quality:
    - Point optics PZ: Standard < 7m, Tele < 15m
    - Pointing stability: < 3μrad / °C
    - Spot width: down to 15μm at 100mm working distance
  • High power stability
  • Digital Modulation: up to 100 kHz

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