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An X-ray legend heads into the third dimension - "Y.MU2000 goes CT"

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) With over 450 systems in use on the market, Y.MU2000 is the most 'tried-and-true' and most popular universal radioscopic inspection system worldwide. Recently brought to technical state-of-the-art status via a digital flat-panel detector, the system has now been enhanced by adding a CT option.

Whereas the highly accurate, purely CT systems Y.CT Precision and Y.CT Modular have been conceived more for specialists in the lab, and the Y.Multiplex X-ray system with integrated computed tomography is an 'all-round talent' suitable for both laboratory applications and production, the CT option for Y.MU2000-D is oriented primarily toward entry-level users starting out with computed tomography. "We deliberately kept the product simple. The user shouldn't have to concern themself with parameters like projections, detector resolution, voxels and detailed technical correlations," explains Product Manager Peter Kramm. "The application user can switch from radioscopy to computed tomography by pressing a button. A choice of three quality modes with preset parameters guarantees a failsafe application. Then, when it comes to analysis, with the VolumeGraphics analysis software you have all the possibilities this high-performance tool offers, for example measurement, a comparison of the actual situation versus the target situation, pore analysis and cross-sectional analyses in compliance with the German P 201 fact sheet."

As a result, YXLON has elevated Y.MU2000-D into the next generation of radioscopic inspection systems and topped off its product portfolio at the same time. In the case of new systems, the CT function can be ordered as an option right from the start. Many existing systems in place can be geared up via the CT Upgrade. Precise statements regarding individual options and possibilities can be obtained from YXLON Service.

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YXLON International GmbH

YXLON International GmbH, the leading supplier of industrial X-ray inspection systems and computed tomography solutions for the non-destructive testing of materials (NDT), is an innovative high-tech company with a wealth of tradition. YXLON has belonged to the COMET Holding AG (Switzerland) corporate group since June 2007. The COMET FeinFocus division was integrated into the corporate structure at YXLON as a product line in the course of this transition. As a result, YXLON is now able to cover the strong demand for X-ray and CT systems in the microfocus sector as well, for instance, the way they are used in the electronics industry.

With its headquarters in Hamburg (Germany), its subsidiaries and a globally aligned network of representatives worldwide, YXLON provides solutions for any type of production process, yet the same applies for servicing and maintenance work, whether in shipbuilding, pipe and vessel construction, the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries, or for microfocus inspection in the electronics industry.

The selection offered by YXLON encompasses both microfocus and conventional X-ray and CT technologies. The portfolio ranges from portable systems designed for application in the field to standardized modular solutions, complex, fully automatic systems and systems specific to the customer, all the way to FeinFocus microfocus X-ray and µCT systems.