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Emerging markets lead world in B2C E-Commerce growth rates says new report from

The latest report from market research organization, "Global B2C E-Commerce Market 2016," provides a comprehensive review of the current state and prospects of online retail worldwide

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) Among other things, the report shows that as established B2C E-Commerce markets begin to mature, their growth rates are surpassed by emerging markets.

The emerging markets in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa are among the developing nations showing rapid recent growth yet retaining high potential for further adoption of B2C E-Commerce. With the growth of online retail in emerging markets adding to the substantial market size of the established markets, global sales are projected to pass one trillion US dollars this year, according to various sources cited in the publication.

One of the keys to the rapid growth of online retail in emerging markets is Internet connectivity. The number of Internet users in Africa has grown at a 3 digit percentage rate, according to the findings. There is still much room for upward growth as Internet penetration and online shopping adoption rates in Africa, Latin America and some emerging regions of Asia are far below those of the leading markets such as Germany, UK and South Korea.

The publication also presents information about trends in B2C E-Commerce, such as M-Commerce, social media shopping, omnichannel shopping and online purchases across national borders. The leading products in online shopping around the globe as well as the leading online merchants are revealed. While there are local and regional leaders, the report names, Apple Inc. and as global leaders in direct B2C E-Commerce sales.

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