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Xenios and LEUKOCARE announce strategic partnership in the field of anti-inflammatory coatings for next generation extracorporeal support systems

LEUKOCARE grants exclusive license on its innovative inflammation inhibition technology and develops a generic coating to be commercialized by Xenios in various extracorporeal therapy systems

(PresseBox) (Heilbronn, Germany, and Munich, Germany, ) Xenios AG and LEUKOCARE AG, two German based life science companies, announced today a strategic alliance for the development and marketing of Xenios' extracorporeal support systems with LEUKOCARE's anti-inflammatory surface coating. LEUKOCARE has granted to Xenios a worldwide license of its relevant patents and know-how with exclusivity for anti-inflammatory surfaces. Moreover, Xenios has assigned LEUKOCARE with the adaptation of the clinically proven coating technology to Xenios' broad range of medical devices that will be commercialized under Novalung, Medos and further Xenios brands.

Anti-inflammatory coatings in Xenios' medical devices aim to limit unwanted inflammatory responses generated by the artificial device materials to enable improved clinical outcome. This innovative approach will be facilitated by LEUKOCARE's proprietary Stabilizing and Protecting Solutions (SPS); these technologies represent a breakthrough in the development of biofunctional surfaces by stabilizing employed proteins, hence allowing terminal sterilization of these combination devices. This results in a higher level of product quality with significantly reduced manufacturing costs compared to aseptic production.

"With LEUKOCARE we have an innovative and ideal strategic partner to develop significantly improved medical devices. The anti-inflammatory function will allow for next generation extracorporeal devices offering tremendous improvement in all kinds of therapies conducting blood outside the human body." said Josef Bogenschütz, CEO of Xenios.

"There is an urgent medical need to reduce inflammation in patients undergoing cardiac surgery or depending on support for a diseased lung to achieve our goal of better clinical outcomes for physicians and of course for their patients." Dr. Jürgen O. Böhm, CMMO with Xenios added.

Michael Scholl, CEO of LEUKOCARE, said: "Xenios is a strong partner: its pertinent expertise in the respective markets of extracorporeal devices and the broad range of products that will benefit from the anti-inflammatory surfaces make Xenios the perfect match for our company. This collaborative project demonstrates the full range of LEUKOCARE's capabilities from evaluating biologically active compounds to developing marketable applications and integrating them into industrial scale processes."


LEUKOCARE is a leading provider of technologies for stabilizing proteins to extend shelf-life and to enable terminal sterilization. Based on these technologies, LEUKOCARE can improve biopharmaceutical products and vaccines as well as functionalize a wide variety of surfaces including implant surfaces, wound dressings, stents, catheters and others.

LEUKOCARE leverages its comprehensive expertise in product-focused industrial partnerships. The company offers its know-how in biofunctional coatings, formulation of biologics and product development to interested parties ranging from service-based collaborations to co-development partnerships. LEUKOCARE was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Martinsried near Munich, Germany.

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