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"efficiency engineering": efficiency on all levels

New quality seal will make "efficiency engineering" visible on WITTENSTEIN alpha products

(PresseBox) (Igersheim, ) The "efficiency engineering" seal is intended to strengthen and visualize WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH's long-established corporate principle of holistic solutions and end-to-end customer support, which form the backbone of its leading position in the market today. The WITTENSTEIN alpha label is the customer's guarantee that the company has placed this corporate principle and claim on a firm footing with a series of internal organizational and technological measures which are continuously optimized. Various exhibits at WITTENSTEIN's EMO and Motek stands will inject real meaning into "efficiency engineering".

The "efficiency" concept comprises both effectiveness and economy aspects. It correlates input with the degree of target achievement and implies the delivery of defined results with minimal resource expenditure. Within this context WITTENSTEIN alpha interprets "efficiency engineering" as the pursuit of efficiency on all levels: products, systems and solutions, technologies, the advice provided to customers and strategies for meeting highly diverse requirements - indeed in every facet of business relationships. All efforts are subordinated to the goal of maximum possible, measurable customer benefits. At the same time, "efficiency engineering" is a vital instrument that will strengthen WITTENSTEIN alpha's pioneering role when it comes to consulting, innovation, technologies and quality.

"efficiency engineering" is driven by market requirements

Customers in the international markets seek expert partners offering not only a suitable technology portfolio but also global presence, responsiveness, support and services. The focus is not confined to innovative and powerful products; optimized machine concepts, software, tools and processes are equally in demand. Ever since it was first established, WITTENSTEIN alpha has been committed to the fulfilment of an ambitious claim: to be a provider of efficient products, systems and solutions based on efficient engineering services and efficient processes, both in production and in partnerships with customers. WITTENSTEIN alpha has now bundled many of its distinctive attributes, already widely established in the market, in a strong corporate principle and a recognizable characteristic - "efficiency engineering". From customized torques or designs to data sheets - adequate answers have to be found promptly to all kinds of special request.

New label makes comprehensive efficiency visible

"efficiency engineering" involves thinking in terms of products and processes - both internally and externally. The quality label also connotes sustainability; as far as public perception is concerned, it is intended to convey a lasting commitment to comprehensive efficiency. It is underpinned by a series of internal organizational and technological measures which place this corporate principle and claim on a firm footing and ensure that they are continuously optimized.

Examples of "efficiency engineering"

One good example of "efficiency engineering" is the redesigned rack installation technique. WITTENSTEIN alpha began by studying customer workflows and subjecting them to a critical examination, then considered whether it might be possible to mount the racks to the machine bed faster, more easily and more precisely. Instead of the traditional method of first fixing the racks with screw clamps and then bolting them tight, they can now be mounted directly without prior fixing thanks to a modified attachment concept with slotted holes and eccentric screws. Value oriented developments in cooperation with customers have confirmed that this modified technique halves the time required to fix racks to the machine bed.

WITTENSTEIN alpha's new right-angle gearhead family provides another illustration of the very broad definition applied to "efficiency engineering". Performance data such as input speeds and optimal resources use was only one side of the development coin. Intelligent design and a functional design language were equally important "efficiency engineering" elements. Amongst other things, the new right-angle gearheads feature a one-piece aluminium housing, which compared to the cast iron alternative means significantly less weight and permits easier handling by the fitter, for example. The structure and arrangement of the interior facilitates a novel lubrication concept that enables the gearheads to be mounted in any position. The mistakes that sometimes occurred when ordering gearhead variants with a fixed position are now effectively ruled out, as are start-up errors such as the addition of too little or too much lube oil - to the advantage of both the manufacturer and the customer. The design combines elegance with functionality - at least when the new right-angle gearheads are integrated into an open system concept with non-encapsulated drive units, in other words where the machine elements and motors are visible.

"efficiency engineering" - designing efficiency and designing efficiently: WITTENSTEIN alpha's new label is synonymous with efficiency on all levels, from product development to the customer application.

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