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Winterhalter 'Energy' Wins FCSI Design Award

(PresseBox) (Meckenbeuren, ) The launch of the new Winterhalter GS 502 Energy and GS 515 Energy pass through dishwashers has been hugely successful. Following the Innovation Award at the Sirha trade exhibition in Lyon in January, the 'Energy' Series has now won an award at this year's FCSI Foodservice Consultants Society International conference in Prague.

This year, the motto of the conference was "Magic Ideas - The Bridge to the East". Rosemary Osbourne, current president of the FCSI Europe, Africa and Middle East, awarded the prize for innovative new products to Manuel Rehm, Winterhalter's Sales and Marketing Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The citation reads: "Honourable Mention for Distinguished Development in Equipment Design 2007, Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH for the GS 502 Energy and GS 515 Energy."

Innovation AND Customer Benefit

The judges' criteria for award-winning products are their levels of innovation and customer benefit. The GS 502 Energy and GS 515 Energy made an impression thanks to their "extraordinary design achievement", by fulfilling both criteria at once. Like all the latest Winterhalter dishwashers, Energy models are equipped with the new "intelligent resource technology". And by reducing operating costs, as well as improving working conditions, 'Energy' delivers a new level in customer benefits.

Exhaust Air Heat Recovery Delivers Award

In conventional warewashers, warm, moist water vapour escapes every time the clean dishes are taken out, whether the hood is open or closed. However, the GS 502 and GS 515 Energy models make use of this water vapour and convert it into energy. The vapour is extracted from the interior when the hood is closed, during the dishwashing process, and its energy is used to heat the cold water feed with the aid of an exhaust air heat exchanger.

Reduction of Operating Costs

This built-in heat recovery reduces operating costs by approximately 18 per cent per year in the case of GS 502 Energy for example. Assuming an average service life of eight years for a machine, this can mean a saving of as much as 5,250 Euro in operating costs.

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