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This desoldering system is in a league of its own!

(PresseBox) (Besigheim, ) Master soldering tasks that had once seemed impossible with the new 2-channel soldering and desoldering station WXD 2 and the new high-power desoldering iron WXPD 120. With a heating-up time of only 35 seconds, the new desoldering iron WXDP 120 raises the bar for high-performance soldering and desoldering.

The digitally controlled 2-channel soldering and desoldering station WXD 2 was designed for professional repair work on state-of-the-art electronic assemblies in the industrial manufacturing, repair and laboratory sectors.

Integrated parameter memory
As with all WX tools from Weller, the desoldering parameters are easy to program on the WXD 2 soldering station and store in the tool. This means that you can get started as soon as you plug in the iron - there is no need for time-consuming set-up.

Power Sharing
The Power Sharing feature allows the flexible selection and simultaneous operation of Weller WX tools for any application up to 255 W total power output. External devices such as a preheating plate or a solder fume extraction unit can also be connected. Your advantages: high cost savings because only one power unit is required for multiple applications. Selecting the right tool and the correct working temperature minimise rework.

External compressed air supply
The maintenance-free Venturi unit produces a constant vacuum via an external compressed air supply.

Intuitive operation
A straight forward and multi-lingual menu navigation system keeps familiarisation times to a minimum. The turn-and-click wheel allows intuitive operation.

Ultra-short heating-up time and high energy savings
The desoldering iron WXP 120 is ready for setback operation within 35 seconds (50-350 °C) - and even in as little as 20 seconds when in Standby mode. Thanks to an integrated sensor, WX tools are motion activated. This means that they use power only when they are actually in use.

User-friendly handling
Thanks to perfect ergonomics and quick release locks for changing solder cartridges and suction nozzles, the WXDP 120 also raises the bar in terms of handling.

No more tedious cleaning
The new, extended nozzle shaft prevents the suction tube sticking. Since the suction channel is also replaced, the once tedious and time-consuming task of cleaning the tool is now a thing of the past. The relatively low working temperatures (380 °C) and the automatic Standby mode triple the life of the suction nozzles.

New Weller movie
Watch the new Weller film at to discover the 2-channel soldering and desoldering station.

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Weller Tools GmbH

The name Weller has been synonymous with forward-looking soldering solutions since 1959. The company headquarters of Weller Tools GmbH have been in Besigheim near Stuttgart for over 50 years now. Here, Weller soldering tools are developed, produced and marketed by over 200 employees. Weller is a world market leader in manual soldering systems. Weller Tools GmbH is part of the umbrella company Apex Tool Group. The Apex Tool Group with head offices in Sparks, MD, is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of industrial hand and power tools, drill chucks, chains and electrical soldering products with annual turnover of USD 1.3 billion.