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Weidmüller's switch-mode power supplies 'PRO-M': Single- and three-phase switch-mode power supplies save space in automation engineering applications

Robust metal housing/ Very good energy efficiency/ Overload resistant and high performance reserves at standard temperatures

(PresseBox) (Detmold, ) With 'PRO-M (Power-Reliable-Optimized) Weidmüller offers a reliable and efficient family of 24 VDC switchmode power supplies for deployment in mechanical and systems engineering with a very appealing priceperformance ratio. The ten different single- and threephase switchmode power supplies are enclosed in a compactly designed, robust metal housing. Their spacesaving design ensures they can be mounted flush sidebyside onto the mounting rail without an air gap. Further distinguishing characteristics of the 'PRO-M' family include better than 90% efficiency, overload resistance and high performance reserves at standard temperatures. When it comes to energy efficiency Weidmüller's switchmode power supplies are simply exemplary. 'PRO-M' power output can be increased by simply connecting up to five units in parallel - without a diode module. AC and DC widerange inputs mean the units are suitable for universal deployment anywhere in the world. Threephase 'PRO-M' power supplies continue to function reliably even if a phase fails; in other words, in twophase operation.

Power supplies are crucial elements in supplying power to automation systems. They are the heart of every electrical cabinet. Their inherent quality is decisive in ensuring connected components function reliably. For that reason alone they must be chose with great care. For years Weidmüller power supplies have proven their reliability in supplying electrical and electronic modules in mechanical and systems engineering applications. Power supply units have not escaped the trend towards ever smaller and increasingly compact design sizes. Weidmüller supports this trend with its single- and threephase family of switchmode power supplies 'PRO-M'. The singlephase versions are available as 3 A, 5 A, 7.5 A, 10 A, 20 A and 40 A versions; threephase units are available as 5 A, 10 A, 20 A and 40 A versions. To meet application requirements across the globe the ten different primary switchmode power supply units are equipped with widerange inputs of 85...264 VAC (singlephase variant) and 3 x 320...575 VAC / 2 x 360...2 x 575 VAC (threephase variant) as well as 80...370 VDC (singlephase variant) and 450 VDC...800 VDC (threephase variant). A green LED indicates the unit is ready for operations. Each device output is designed to be shortcircuitproof. The output voltage of 24 VDC can be set across a range of 22.5...29.5 VDC by means of a potentiometer at the front of the device.

Enclosed in an extremely slim and robust housing made of metal 'PRO-M' switchmode power supply units are perfectly suited for use in industrial environments. 'PRO-M' devices are rated to IP20 and, to save space, can be mounted flush sidebyside on TS 35 mounting rails. No air gap is required for cooling purposes. The high MTBF time (Mean Time Between Failures) of >500 000 hours to IEC 1709 (SN29500) is a measure of the inherent high quality and reliability of the Weidmüller 'PRO-M' family of switchmode power supply units.

Each and every unit in the 'PRO-M' impresses with a wide temperature range of -25...+70 °C, which means it is suitable for practically all environments. Designed with additional power reserves the switchmode power supplies can cope with the toughest of industrial requirements. And the very good efficiency of >90 % is a significant contributing factor. All things considered Weidmüller switchmode power supply units have forceful arguments in their favour thanks to their exemplary energy efficiency and very appealing priceperformance ratio. Approvals such as UL 60950, UL 508, CSA 2.22 No. 107 and GL (EMC1 bridge) mean international borders are no hurdle to their deployment.

Problems in the mains environment are mastered by a high mainsfailure bridging time. The threephase versions remain fully functional in 'twophase mode' in the event a phase fails. If the power from a single switchmode power supply unit is insufficient it is possible to increase the power output by simply connecting up to five devices in parallel without a diode module.

'PRO-M' switchmode power supplies utilise a screw terminal conductorconnection system for both input and output connections. This facilitates the virtually seamless connection of the following conductor crosssections: Solid conductors from 0.5-6 mm2, flexible conductors from 0.5-2.5 mm2 and AWG conductors from 26-12/10.

With its 'PRO-M' family of switchmode power supplies Weidmüller offers a safe and reliable 24 VDC power supply for all automation, signal and network assemblies.

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